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Since Roman Reigns’ first broke away from his Shield mates back in 2014, he’s been dubbed ‘Cena 2.0’ as it relates to his push in the WWE. While Creative and company officials have worked hard on establishing the superstar as a high-level talent on the brand, in many ways he has followed in his predecessor’s footsteps; with some within the fan base adoring him, while still getting a tremendous number of jeers and boos within any stadium he enters. Regardless, he gets a huge reaction and some may see this as a good thing, while others question why the WWE won’t give up when it comes to making him the top babyface of the company.

Enter: The Face That Runs The Place.

This undoubtedly is a ‘passing of the torch’ type match. I certainly see Roman Reigns winning in the end. If the doesn’t, it may be because this is not the end between these two, but considering how high up WWE Officials are on the Big Dog, I doubt it – and Cena seems committed to pushing talent over and establish a roster that can move forward during his absence.

But, how will that torch be passed?

I’m a little iffy on the idea of Roman winning cleanly. While both men get booed, both men are faces; with Cena having a little more of the crowd behind him (and this is just based on social media comments and live crowd reaction to both men). All arrows are pointing to a win for Roman at this point: he needs the win over Cena and in my opinion, it makes sense for Roman to win. Cena doesn’t need a win to still be considered Super Cena, he doesn’t even need a cheating loss. He’s established enough where losing to Roman won’t hurt him in the least. Besides, Cena has been working hard to help push new talent over and he’s doing a mighty fine job helping build this program along; he’s helping Roman look good by simply creating a program that is raising interest in many. One only needs to look at their bantering promos and you can see: week one, Roman fumbled, a lot; week two, he caught up a bit and was able to keep up with John; this past week on Monday Night RAW, he stood his own ground. This program with John Cena is helping Roman learn how to really play in the big leagues and establish his WWE legacy.

If Roman wins this match clean, he may gain some credibility; especially if they put on a good bout, which I have no doubt they will. If Reigns wins clean, the two will be able to do the obligatory ‘handshake’; a long-time symbol of respect between babyfaces and a great way for the Face That Runs The Place to truly pass the torch to Reigns. Still, considering how some feel about John Cena, I’m not sure if a clean win will truly help Roman that much.

There is the other side of the coin. What if Roman doesn’t win cleanly? What if he cheats or low-balls to win?

This is an intriguing scenario too. With Cena clearly on the path to another hiatus, what if the close of the match offers a flip in the storyline where Roman is the reason that Cena is off television for a while, because he cheats or takes it too far. This could streamline into a story line where when Cena does return, the program up where he left off.

I feel there is more to his Cena/Reigns story than one match; still, I feel like Cena really only has the time for one match right now, thanks to his Hollywood schedule. Spoiler alerts aside, while a clean win from Roman would create a nice and tidy bow on this rivalry, passing the torch and all, the Reigns and Cena fan in me would love something different to potentially prolong this program and finish it off another time and place.

WNZ fans! What are your thoughts on Roman Reigns versus John Cena? How do you see the match closing? Leave your comments below!

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