If you saw RAW last week, you’d know that GM Kurt Angle and his weeks-long saga appears to be coming to a close. He spoke with someone on the phone, told them they should be there with him next week, and that he loved them. So, we asked our writers: who is he bringing to RAW?

Dorathy Gass:

There’s so many different spoilers going on right now about this now, and at the end of the day, it really could be anyone. I’m gearing towards a woman, though, the ‘love you’ statement from the close of last week’s RAW could be towards a male he is close to. Still, if I were to throw my hat in the ring (pun-intended) to offer a guess, I’d say it is most likely Stephanie McMahon. They have a storyline history together, she’s been off of television for a while and it would be a great way to bring her back, plus, it’s hard to ignore that something going on between Angle and Steph would naturally bring Triple H into the mix and potentially set up a match for Angle to return to the ring. All three of these characters have had so many storylines together in the past, it just makes good sense to bring them back together.

It would also makes sense if it was Dixie Carter and having her show up on WWE television would cause a fury of hype around anything. Still, the only thing that holds me back from that idea, is, would WWE officials be open to bringing Carter into the WWE spectrum? Could she offer any real value, as she’s not really a wrestler? One can’t ignore that she could mirror Vicki Guerroro’s gimmick when it comes to heat with the fans, so there’s always that element to consider.

John Deegan:

I have to agree with Dorathy on her choices-those were the two that have long come to mind on my end too. Dixie Carter seems to be a hot choice, if only because Kurt Angle’s 24: Homecoming special just aired, and she made an appearance on it. It would be an interesting name to bring in, and very interesting to see how she gets tied into storylines. That’s the iffy part for me, especially because of option #2. Stephanie McMahon needs to find her way back onto TV, and we’ve heard rumblings of a Hunter/Angle match in the works. So, what better way to set that up than to have Angle bringing Stephanie to RAW, after having told her he loves her? I’m pretty sure that would kick start the program.

But, knowing WWE, it will be someone completely different and unexpected. Or Vicki Guerrero.

Joseph Lisnow:

Either Stephanie McMahon or Dixie Carter seem like the obvious names. Carter works because seeing her appear on a live RAW would just be another notch in WWE’s belt. It wouldn’t have the magnitude of Eric Bischoff’s WWE debut, but still a shocking moment in wrestling. Even if it’s Carter, I think it will somehow relate back to Stephanie and Kurt Angle vs. Triple H at SummerSlam. I do have to state that if WWE’s going forward with Angle having an affair, it’s a little tasteless after he makes this big return as a role model and becomes general manger.

I’ve also noticed Corey Graves is heavily involved in the angle and other moments like revealing Big Cass as the attacker of Enzo. All of a sudden there’s lots of focus on Graves. Maybe, Graves has something to do with Monday’s announcement.

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