Keeping all this week’s pretty simple, but based on the announcement we will have another US Open Challenge at Hell In A Cell, who do we think should answer that call?

Dorathy Gass:

Who will answer the challenge, that is anyone’s guess. Who should? I’m hoping it’ll be Dean Ambrose. Not only will Ambrose help bring the match to the next level, but he deserves gold around his waist; and he can help carry the prestige of the U.S. title to the level Cena has raised it to. Also, Ambrose is technically not booked at Hell in a Cell currently, with his tag match scrapped, due to Randy Orton’s recent injury. There’s another part of me that wishes the challenger is someone totally random, like an Adam Rose or even Daniel Bryan. Although both of these superstars are long shots. Unfortunately Adam Rose has been buried way below mid-card level; and DB continues to struggle when it comes to getting cleared by WWE doctors.

Joseph Lisnow:

While someone could pull double duty on Sunday, especially one of the top names on the pre-show, hopefully WWE goes a different direction. With John Cena expected to take a short break, he needs to drop the title on Sunday and be written out of storylines for a about a month all at once. This is a big opportunity for any member of the roster and even more important for an NXT superstar that might not be known to the general WWE  audience. There are tons of talented wrestlers in NXT, but this person needs to beat Cena within an inch of his life to help remove “The Champ” from storylines for a few weeks. Maybe they start the match as faces, but Samoa Joe (my pick to answer the challenge) turns heel after securing the win and they show mutual respect. Joe then destroys Cena by wrapping his neck around a chair and comes crashing down off the middle rope. Here’s a chance to make a star by simply ending Cena’s impressive run with the Unites States belt and badly injuring the guy who never quits.

John Deegan:

I think the one guy everyone keeps thinking about is Dolph Ziggler. He is worth another title reign, but I can’t help but wonder if the Rusev program, even before the engagement in real life, dragged Ziggler down. Though, if it did, a win over Cena and a US Title run? That’s a good way to fix things, or at least it’s a good start. But if we think outside the box a wee bit? I don’t expect it would be someone like Daniel Bryan or a really big name in that mold, if only because with someone like that, you want their presence to generate buys, or new subscriptions. Having them be a surprise opponent? You don’t get the boost you want, unless they figure having Brock and Undertaker means they can do something like that. But I doubt it would be Bryan. My dark horse would be someone from the Wyatt Family, but with Harper missing action Monday, not sure what is going on there. Rowan just came back so who knows if he’s even fully ready, and Strowman is super-green. Giving him the US Title? Kinda early for that, but WWE has done crazier things.

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