WrestleMania can make or break stars. So with WM 33 tomorrow, who is going to leave the show a bigger star than when things started?

Dorathy Gass:

I believe Nia Jax will surprise us all. This is her first Women’s title match, which also happens to be her first Wrestlemania. Last year’s Women’s Championship triple threat match had everyone talking, so all four women have a lot to prove come Sunday. Some people rise to pressure, others fail. Will they deliver? I believe so. But I also think Jax will surprise everyone and become more than just the brutal aggressor.

John Deegan:

If you were polling the brass in Stamford, I think they hope this is a star making event for Roman Reigns. I truly think they feel he can be boosted by his match with Undertaker. I just don’t see it.

Who do I see? I think this is Baron Corbin’s second consecutive WrestleMania to really shine. Last year he burst onto the main roster scene with his win in the Andre Battle Royal. This year, he’s going to one up himself by beating Dean Ambrose and taking the Intercontinental Championship. And I think with his first singles title victory, Corbin is going to get himself on one heck of a roll for most of the rest of 2017.

Joseph Lisnow:

It all depends on how the outcomes go. For someone to win their first title at WrestleMania, like Nia Jax or Austin Aries, that would help make someone a star. If The Hardy Boys return or an NXT wrestler gets involved, that could get the biggest pop of the night.

If Roman Reigns does defeat Undertaker and takes over ‘the yard,’ then that would catapult him into superstardom. We’d have to mention Reigns along the likes of Brock Lesnar for winning when it counts. Win or lose, Reigns will be booed before, during and after the match. It might not seem like a major win right now, but in a year people will see how much WWE cares about this superstar.

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