For this one, we went a bit off our usual format. Instead of an actual question, we put this one on our writers: book a future SummerSlam, in a new city.

Dorathy Gass:

Totally self-serving question, but I’d love to see SummerSlam in Toronto, Ontario Canada. First off, because this means I would get to go and see the event live! Secondly, again total bias, but the Toronto crowd is unpredictable and can really help add to the energy of the event. Toronto is a huge wrestling town, with many fans, and it would be nice to see this PPV land in Northern territory. I don’t think SummerSlam has ever taken place in this city and it would create some incredible hype for the event.

John Deegan:

I think this would be a good time to revisit something I mentioned before, but back then it pertained to WrestleMania.

But before I dive into that, I will say this: I would be a huge fan of the idea of having a SummerSlam from South America or Latin America. These are huge markets for WWE, and they’ve make Vince happy because the time zones aren’t crazy.

But, when thinking about an even bigger opportunity, I think the time is right for WWE to revisit something they haven’t since the very earliest days of WrestleMania. And that would be having the event take place from several arenas around the world. Could you imagine a lengthy PPV, where McMahon could be live, on air, from like 3PM EST until Midnight? 3PM we’d start with action live from Wembley Stadium. After a few hours, the action would then migrate to the eastern time zone (US, Canada)¬†for some more, and then shift once again to the west coast or someplace exotic like Brazil.

Why do this? One, the international scene is largely untapped relative to PPV. Show respect to those crowds, and I bet McMahon would love the idea of actually having that many live hours on the Network.

Joseph Lisnow:

While going overseas for a pay per view is something WWE rarely does and it would change things up, I do see the flaw. WWE runs their pay per views at the same time each year, so airing a show in England would mean fans in the United States would be watching during breakfast. Stay in the United States and a find a place that’s warm during summer months. Out west, like California or Nevada, can reach over 100 degrees and nobody wants to sit outside in those temperatures. I’m going with Yankee Stadium as my selection. The building is still new and there’s lots of history in the area. It can easily hold a large crowd and there are several ways to get there, eliminating the issue of transportation.

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