As far as running a promotion goes, Paul Heyman does not have the most sparkling track record. However, as a promoter of men, an advocate, a manager? He knows no peers. But is he so good that he could get just about anyone over? For that, we asked our staff…

Dorathy Gass:

Yes and no. Being a Paul Heyman guy can only get you so far, as we have learnt in the past from Curtis Axel and Cesaro. Sure, having Heyman as your mouthpiece doesn’t hurt, but having him by a superstar’s side doesn’t guarantee success. Now, I am certainly not discrediting Axel or Cesaro, especially being a fan of Cesaro and wishing the WWE did more with this talent. Still, while I wish Heyman was on WWE programming more; having him solely with Brock Lesnar currently makes sense. It also not only makes Lesnar a draw, but Heyman as well! Let’s face it, as much as the WWE loves Paul (I know I do!), if Heyman cut a promo every Monday night, would it become something that fans got excited about when they saw him, or would it eventually become stale? I guess it depends on the superstar he was with, the storyline, and the promo he is cutting.

John Deegan:

Without even giving up some of his recent less successful charges, the easy answer is no, simply because Paul is not in charge of booking or Creative. That being said, I don’t think ANY of the best managers in history (of which I absolutely consider Heyman to be one) could get just about anyone over. Yes, he has managed some incredible stables and incredible performers, but in the end, Brock Lesnar will have needed Paul Heyman as much as Heyman needed Lesnar. It’s more like they were soulmates that finally found each other, in a strictly platonic sense. As good as Heyman’s previous clients may have been, none of them rivaled Brock’s success while under Heyman.

Heyman is great. He makes for great television. He can keep a performer completely relevant for weeks or months, without that performer actually appearing. But even he could not turn someone like, say, The Goon, into a mega-star.

Joseph Lisnow:

Paul Heyman is amazing on the mic, but he can’t get everybody over. I look back to when Brock Lesnar wasn’t on TV. The WWE put several people with Heyman and CM Punk was the only one that worked out; plus Punk could have gotten over without a mouthpiece. Heyman has shined beside Lesnar, who has never been a great talker and always needed an advocate. Lesnar does all the physical work while Heyman rightfully shouts his accomplishments in a classic promo. When Cesaro and Curtis Axel were paired with Heyman, their careers didn’t progress. They basically tanked. It takes the right combination of wrestler and manager to make the perfect duo. That perfect duo is Lesnar-Heyman, who have grabbed the attention of audiences and make it look easy.

Stephen Nixon:

I would like to think that he’s so good that he can get anyone over, but we found out with Cesaro that it isn’t true. In order for Heyman to work, he needs to have a monster heel associated with him. Because Brock doesn’t talk that much, it makes whatever Heyman advocates for him so much more special. Lesnar’s presence is more powerful when he doesn’t talk because he allows his smackdown to speak for himself. Heyman is incredible and his promo’s get old but it wouldn’t work for someone like Dolph Ziggler or a smaller guy. Hopefully Heyman doesn’t try to move onto anyone else for a long time because his time with Lesnar is perfect.

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