Unless something changes as a surprise, we have no celebrity inductee to the Hall of Fame this year. What did our readers think about that?

Dorathy Gass:

I honestly hadn’t thought about it much, until the question was posed, to be quite frank. Still, it doesn’t surprise me much. The WWE is struggling with scandals as it is lately (with their own talent) and perhaps they looked at the potential celebrities that could be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and decided against it for that reason. It could also be the fact that there weren’t any that they thought merited an induction at this point in time.

To me, the WWE Hall of Fame inductions reflect the ‘best of the best’ when it comes to former talent who have created a huge impact in wrestling. Sometimes celebrities fit this bill, sometimes they don’t. As there are a vast number of wrestling talent missing from the roll as it is, perhaps the idea moving forward is that the Hall of Fame should envelope superstars who have made a vast contribution to the world of wrestling or sport entertainment, versus celebrities who have barely placed an imprint on the industry. Just my thoughts.

John Deegan:

Surprised?  A little. Bothered by it? Not in the least.

I think the way the Hall of Fame process works for WWE is a bit of a farce or a sham, but it’s all scripted. It is what it is. WWE wants to bring in some big names that will make people want to get the WWE Network, or shell out money to actually sit there in person and watch it. Honestly, I don’t know how anyone would pay to sit in an arena and watch that, but maybe they do extra stuff to make it worthwhile.

As for the celebrity, I am surprised because usually we have gotten pretty consistently, a headliner, another big star (or two), a manager, a female, and a tag team. They always give us that flood of past stars from places Vince or Vince Sr. bought up and what have you, too (not unlike the Veterans Committees of the other major sports Halls). But this year, no celeb. I had only expected one possibility, Lemmy, but I can admit it’s a bit of a reach. I am sure there’s probably someone else out there that would be obvious once they named names…but I think the lack of a celebrity is somewhat telling, considering we’ve really not had a flood of paid celebrity appearances at recent shows. I remember growing up and the hype was all over a guest ring announcer, guest time keeper, guest referee, guest this or guest that. Things in that respect have been reigned in, so by extension, they’ve also limited their pool of celebrities to foolishly induct.

I think, if they want a celebrity involved, they can go out and get one to MC the event. That would be as much as I would do at this point.

Joseph Lisnow:

I’m glad. The celebrity is usually someone none of the wrestling fans care to see. People usually boo that part of the HOF, which doesn’t make for good TV. There are some names that could be enter, but no need to rush to anything. With the Legacy and Warrior Awards, WWE might want to stop inducting celebrities. The only downside, is celebrities bring media coverage and more fans to events.

The celebrity inductee will probably be back within a few years; don’t be surprised if it happens next year. If WWE can get someone like Ronda Rousey to join their HOF, that would draw attention; despite her fail from grace in the MMA community.

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