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With weeks to go in 2017, it’s pretty clear there’s not a Dusty Classic for us this year. How do our writers feel about it?

Dorathy Gass:

A little, seeing that it was just a great way to honor the late WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes; someone who helped pave the way and success for many NXT stars that have moved on to the main roster. A little surprised as well, seeing that the last two tournaments were well-received. Not to mention, the tournament and action was an enjoyable watch. Still, sometimes things are dropped for whatever reason and logic, and then eventually brought back. There’s always next year.

John Deegan:

Honestly, I am extremely bummed. For one, it was a great homage to the American Dream.For another, it was a great way to set up NXT’s tag division for a short while. And third, I love tag teams, so any time a tournament featuring the tag teams gets scuttled, it is a major bummer.

On the flip side, I presume that the use of WarGames softens the loss of the Classic. Because, you know, that was a Dusty program, same as Starrcade-another show WWE revived this year.

I am sure WWE will not disgrace or ignore Dusty, so it is a disappointment that there is no Classic this year. But his name and memory has and will live on.

Joseph Lisnow:

I completely forgot about the Dusty Rhodes Classic. It’s not like the first one bombed; I simply spaced with everything going on in wrestling and NXT recently focusing on WarGames. I liked the idea of the tag team tournament and my only fear was that it would become an afterthought like the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. The first one had so much hype, but now we have Mojo Rawley winning the whole thing and it has become a pre-show tradition.

There’s nothing wrong with not having the tournament each year. It kinda helps keep the suspense going as NXT can hold the tournament when they feel storylines are stale. For all we know, the tournament could resume at the next set of tapings.

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