As we’ve all seen by now, Enzo has split from Big Cass, and following his former partner going down with an injury, Enzo has turned his attention to the cruiserweight division. So what do our writers think of the rebirth?

Dorathy Gass:

I say, good for Enzo. It can’t be easy splitting up from a huge main roster tag team, but he’s carving out his own path on a different road. Like him or hate him, the younger fan demographic seem to find him appealing and I truly respect his mic work. He’s obviously not that big and not that great in the ring, but he does have confidence in his character and good for him to try and work that into 205 Live storylines and move on from his tag team persona. From reports, I understand that he has backstage heat and this might have to do with his attitude. Enzo is in control of his own destiny at this point and if he learn to humble himself a bit, he might see continued success on RAW and 205 LIVE.

John Deegan:

I have two takes on it.

First, the bad. This shift from having him portrayed as a believable number two guy in a tag team that was going up against teams mostly comprised of heavyweights. To dissolve the team, have Enzo take part in a largely one-sided “feud” with his former partner, one that only got balanced out when WWE paired Enzo with The Big Show, and then send Enzo packing to the cruiserweight division is a puzzling move. To me it only serves to validate what Cass had said. Now, there’s nothing wrong with a really big guy and a really small guy teaming up-it’s been done before and with success. In this instance, how it all came undone is just…let’s call it weird.

The positive side of this? At least they can try and salvage Enzo, which is honestly what I think this is to some extent. As accomplished as he is on the mic, there are plenty of rumors swirling that his mouth gets him in trouble in the locker room. So, at least some part of me wonders if his run with the cruiserweights isn’t his last chance at redemption before he gets “future endeavored”. But wait, I thought I said this was positive…I did. And here’s how. Enzo IS really good on the mic (usually). And, as a self promoter, it’s something many of the 205 Live guys either struggle with, don’t care for, or aren’t allowed to do. So while Enzo might not be as impressive in the ring as someone like Metalik or TJP or Swann or anyone else, he blows most of them away when it comes to crowd engagement and cutting a promo. So perhaps this is a way to elevate the division a bit more. And I am OK with that, because honestly, there are some extremely talented performers in it, and they are  deserving of more opportunities.

Joseph Lisnow:

It’s probably the only chance Enzo has from becoming a jobber. He’s pissed off most of the wrestlers and maybe if he’s stuck on 205 Live, WWE hopes Enzo’s heat with the locker room will die down. So this isn’t a rebirth, more of a chance at redemption. While Enzo is funny, it seems that his promos aren’t as popular as they once were. It could be that fans are tired of the same gig, Big Cass is gone or the backstage heat has carried over to the fans. Even watching Monday’s six person tag team match, Enzo’s teammates didn’t seem interested in working with him. It almost felt like they were mocking him and trying not to laugh as he cut the promo on the ramp. If Enzo fails to capture the Cruiserweight Championship early, then he’s going to be regulated to a mid-card member of 205; which means even less TV time and fewer matches. I just don’t see Neville dropping the title and in a two months, fans will have forgotten about Enzo. In six months, Enzo might be on the chopping block and looking to see if Hooters will rehire him.

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