With the Mae Young Classic here, and with WWE having had successful UK and Cruiserweight Tournaments over the last year, we ask our writers: would you like to see more of these?

Dorathy Gass:

I love the differing special tournaments that have taken place so far. I believe the UK Championship tourney, as well as the Cruiserweight Classic, and the Mae Young Classic that will take place, have all placed a spotlight on the differing divisions and talents with the world of pro wrestling. These special tournaments also give WWE fans a very good reason to subscribe to the Network. Still, when it comes to NXT, I personally feel their quarterly TakeOver events fill any event void needed when it comes to special events, at this time. There is potential for a tournament where Indie superstars or up-and-coming talent compete for a spot on the NXT roster, but again, this might be difficult to segregate between male and female competitors.

John Deegan:

I think we will see them regardless of whether we want them or not, because let’s be honest-WWE has a network, and they need filler. There’s plenty of content out there that they own, along with new content that they’ve created. So, these types of tournaments are a great way to keep filling up the hours, at a minimum.

That said, I absolutely look forward to more of these. I watched bits and pieces of the Cruiserweight Classic-not because I wasn’t interested, but rather because I had other commitments that kept me from being fully into it. I was digging the UK tournament (and it being run over two days over a weekend was actually a good format, I thought). I am looking forward to the Mae Young Classic, and I’ve already been on record as saying I think WWE needs a tag tournament next. It’s only logical, I’d say. But, regardless of what kind of tournament they opt for, I’d expect one or two of these a year, and I think these are great ways to introduce new talents to the broader audience, and really build the brand.

Joseph Lisnow:

Totally. It’s one of the beauties of the WWE Network. The WWE is able to produce these special tournaments as a way to introduce new superstars to the brand. If WWE had the Cruiserweight or UK tournaments air during RAW and SmackDown, nobody would care. We’d hear people complaining how these unknown wrestlers are taking time away from people actually under contract to WWE. Thanks to the tournaments, the cruiserweights were able to land their own show and the UK Championship has produced some of the best matches of the year with wrestlers that weren’t known before. I imagine some of the tournaments will be flops, but WWE needs to see what is sticking with their current audience.

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