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After AJ Styles was attacked  by the Singh Brothers, and realizing that all Gallows and Anderson are like, only hawking WWE merchandise on RAW, we ask our writers if it’s finally time for a Bullet Club reunion.

Dorathy Gass:

I’m not really sure if AJ needs backup. Yes, he was attacked this past SmackDown LIVE by Jinder Mahal and the Singh Brothers, but Styles came back in full force like every good face does and can.

However, if you are talking coolness factor, than yes, the Bullet Club should reunite at some point just to give the fans what they are looking for. It might be hard with them split between the two brands; however, even if it could be simply for one match or say, Wrestlemania, it is a thing I believe the WWE should do.

Now, having said that, will they do it? Only time will really tell.

John Deegan:

I guess I am a sucker for factions, because the idea of giving SmackDown a power trio, not unlike RAW’s Shield? The idea is quite appealing. Obviously AJ didn’t have too many issues with the Singh brothers until Jinder got involved, but as champion, you never want to be facing three on one odds.

So should they do it? Why not? I mean, fine, you’d have to pull off a “trade” to make it work out, but I am willing to bet SmackDown can offer up a tag team or two singles guys to make the whole thing work out.

As for the possibilities? Granted, Roman Reigns seems destined for a WM clash with Brock again, but a Shield/Bullet Club six man tag would be enticing. Assuming Roman is not free, even something like a Miztourage/Bullet Club six man is pretty strong, I think. Maybe it would be short lived, but even in that case, it could be a fun few months. If they decided to run with it for even longer, I don’t think too many folks would complain…and having a strong faction in place also sets up things for an eventual call up of Sanity or Undisputed Era from NXT. I’m getting excited just thinking about it!

Joseph Lisnow:

I almost forgot about The Club and it is easy to see why. WWE has kept AJ Styles in the main picture through his entire run, but Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson are at the bottom of the tag team scene. I think the three working together again would freshen things up. They are all talented superstars with a known past, so WWE should be using that to promote both men. My only concern, is what happens once Styles moves beyond Jinder Mahal. He could work with Kevin Owens next and have to deal with Sami Zayn; but, that would give the faces the advantage 3-2 and that makes little sense when booking faces. To solve that, Styles could turn heel. Although, I prefer Styles as a face even though he can sell both sides extremely well.

If WWE isn’t going to do something with Gallows & Anderson, at least tease a reunion of The Club. Maybe, find a way to incorporate Finn Balor and let’s see the fans really explode. Maybe, it’ll help Balor get over as Vince McMahon doesn’t see his potential. 

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