Keeping this one pretty simple. In the days after October’s PPV, we ask our staff if they feel satisfied with the overall product.

Dorathy Gass:

I quite liked the Hell in a Cell (HIAC) pay-per-view (PPV). When it is hard to pick a favorite match, or a match you didn’t like all that much, you know it’s been a pretty solid WWE event. The main event between The Undertaker and Lesnar was incredible (controversial blood and all), and I really enjoyed the low blow ending with Lesnar … I thought it worked. I also liked the way the PPV closed, with the Wyatts carrying off The Undertaker. The only weak match, somewhat, was Seth Rollins’ dominance over Kane, but since watching Monday Night RAW, it makes sense why the match was booked that way. All in all, from Alberto Del Rio’s surprise return and win of the U.S. title, to the tag team matches, the Divas match, and Reigns and Wyatt tearing down the house; I thought HIAC was pretty incredible.

Joseph Lisnow:

On paper, the Hell in a Cell pay per view didn’t look too impressive. In the end, the entire show was a success and one of the better events this year. The pre-show was full of major stars and the non-cell matches all delivered. As for the cell matches, they were awesome and made the show work. Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt had a physical bout until Undertaker-Brock Lesnar topped them—which was no easy task. Just when it seems like the WWE is ruining pay per views and gimmick matches by combing to the two, they produce a wonderful show like Sunday.

John Deegan:

Overall, I think I’d call myself satisfied. While I am not a huge Del Rio fan (as in, I wasn’t saying “wow, I miss that guy”), his return is hard to hate. Adding a fresh face (or, heel as the case may be), getting back a pretty good manager in Zeb, and sending Cena off on a much deserved vacation? I think a lot of fans will like that development. WWE gave us not one, but two really good Cell matches, and while I may be called morbid or twisted, I am in a sense happy (no not like celebrating…) that the main event match drew blood, be it the hard way or because one or both men gigged. It’s supposed to be one of the most brutal matches WWE has. It was between the man they call the best striker in WWE ever, and another who is a former UFC World Heavyweight Champ, among other things. To put them in that environment, and let them be that violent, and not see blood would have been hard to sell. It doesn’t happen often anymore, so it made a special match mean that much more. And that covers just two matches! I was OK with the tag match, though I am a Dudleys fan. The Divas put on a great show, with some really nice spots. Probably my only gripe, outside of a Dudleys loss, would be that the World Title match was forgettable. Even in having Kane lose, I think they could have done so much more there but did not. All in all? A pretty good show, and I give them points for setting the table for Survivor Series with the closing of the show.

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