We are under two weeks away from WWE’s October offering, Hell In A Cell. While the card is not complete, it is certainly rounding into form, and with that in mind we ask our staff what they think of the card as it currently stands?

Dorathy Gass:

I’m not too overly excited about the Hell in a Cell (HIAC) card to be honest. I really should be. I know, Brock Lesnar versus The Undertaker, in a match that is perfectly suited to end this feud once and for all. Still, I’m probably more excited about Seth Rollins versus Kane; wondering how Rollins will escape the wrath of Kane, and another opponent, to successfully retain his WWE World Heavyweight title this time around. However, as it relates to Taker and Lesnar, I am just trying to wrap my head around the outcome. Taker loses cleanly again, and his reasoning around payback is thwarted; Lesnar loses in any capacity again (clean or otherwise) and his ‘Beast Incarnate’ image is tarnished. This was a man, who successfully defended his title at the 2015 Royal Rumble after there was speculation that he busted up his ribs; and he came back with tremendous fury to retain his title against two incredible superstars (Rollins and Cena). Still, I hate to see Taker lose, but in some ways Lesnar losing will have him slope into even more of a slump. He lost the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania, he lost his chance at the title at Battleground (thanks to Taker), and Lesnar lost at SummerSlam. The HIAC main event seems like a lose-lose situation once the outcome hits. The match itself might be (will be!) incredible, but the aftermath may leave me (and other fans) disappointed. Plus, no John Cena on the card as of yet; sorry Cena-haters, but I’m as disappointed as an average five-year-old wrestling fan about this fact. So, not so excited about HIAC, but I have a feeling all that will change once the event gets going – or potentially after the October 19th edition of RAW. Who knows?

John Deegan:

It’s hard not to be excited. ‘Taker versus Brock, in what sure seems to be their final meeting, should be epic. Kane versus Rollins could be similarly impressive, as Rollins is “the man”, and Kane is a lot better than many give him credit for. And then we have a bit of a wild card, in Reigns versus Wyatt, also taking place within the Cell. I am a big Dudleys fan, so naturally the tag team title match is of great interest. And we all know there has to be a Cena match, right? Especially with him about to disappear forthe rest of the year.

It’s not a terrible card, top to bottom. But for me, for it to really be awesome? There should be more than two matches from within the Cell structure. Every title match, at a minimum, should be contested from within the Cell, and in a perfect world, the Cell would surround the ring from start to finish. Yes, even for the Divas match. If WWE ever had the marbles to do an entire Hell In A Cell PPV like that? I would be overjoyed. The wrestlers might not be, but I think fans would thoroughly enjoy that.

Joseph Lisnow:

The WWE hasn’t done anything to make me anxiously wait for October 25. It shows how overused the gimmick matches have become. Before Hell In A Cell was a pay per view, it was a match designed to end a nasty feud. Now, the gimmick has been misused and it shows with the lack of enthusiasm for the card. The biggest match that evening should be Brock Lesnar and Undertaker settling this long rivalry as they meet for the second time inside the steel structure. The problem is the lack of build for this particular match; they have plenty of history. So, the biggest selling point of the pay per view is a match the WWE hasn’t correctly hyped. With less than 10 days, the WWE still has time to sell the event with some major angle. Because of the WWE Network, the company isn’t concerned about pay per view buys like they were a few years ago when the stockholders would care about the number of purchases. The network has removed the issue of topping each pay per view as the promotion would rather sell subscriptions than be bothered with giving their stockholders a low number. I’ll watch Hell In A Cell no matter what and hopefully the WWE keeps things interesting by delivering a card with unpredictable outcomes. Unpredictability would help sell this overused show.

Stephen Nixon:

Besides the Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker match, I actually hate the card so far. Seth Rollins vs. Kane is an absolute joke, and the set up for the match (especially on RAW) this week has been horrible. It basically feels like they’re just killing time for the Royal Rumble or WrestleMania for Rollins to have another huge match. The rest of the card is pretty disappointing as well, but I guess I would be looking forward to Reigns vs. Wyatt, because it’s in a cell. Hell in a Cell is a cool format so it’s always good to see matches within the Cell, but those are the only matches that seem to be entertaining. I really hope Dolph Ziggler ends up facing John Cena at Hell in a Cell because if that happens, there will be at least three really good matches that night, but right now, it doesn’t seem too great. We’ll see what happens in the next week leading up to this big PPV, but right now, I’m pretty bored with it.HOw’s

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