Here’s a fair question for the team. Just how over is Brock? How much of a draw is he these days? Arguably, he’s as hot as ever, and perhaps even hotter than when he was World Champion. So, again…just how much of a draw is he?

Dorathy Gass:

Despite not being WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Brock Lesnar is still a strong draw. Especially with Paul Heyman by his side. His current feud with The Undertaker is solid, and I love the special events (i.e. The Beast in the East, The MSG house show) that have been centered around The Beast Incarnate as of late. It’s clear from recent specials, as well as the appearances on RAW; fans for the most part dig Lesnar right now, and he and Heyman receive a huge pop every time his music hits. Despite not being the WWE Champ, he and Taker headlined SummerSlam 2015; and I imagine they will also close the show for WWE’s October’s pay-per-view (PPV) Hell in a Cell (HIAC). He’s a marquee superstar, and because you won’t see him at a house show, or even wrestle on Monday Night RAW – when he does perform – fans tune into watch. Will this change anytime soon? It may. At 38 years old, he’s won’t be retiring anytime soon, but after his current WWE contract is done, there is a big possibility that he just might be winding down. For now, Lesnar is still on fire, and still a good draw.

John Deegan:

Unquestionably, Brock Lesnar is among the biggest active names in the sport. He’s as big a draw as WWE has right now, part time or full time. He has reached the upper echelon of the sport, becoming so big he does not need to have, or be fighting for, a world championship to put butts in seats. To further underline things, he’s had not one, but two Network specials billed around his likeness this year, which is more than any other Superstar can claim. If Brock wanted to be a full-time worker? He could be even more colossal than he already is, which is saying something. Right now, perhaps the only talents that rival him in terms of sheer drawing power would be The Undertaker and The Rock. And considering that ‘Taker is very near the end of his career, it would be entirely easy to see someone like Lesnar to slide into that role of supreme part-time mega-draw. And he’d fill it well.

Joseph Lisnow:

Brock Lesnar is currently the biggest draw in the WWE. All he does is eat, sleep, conquer and repeat. The man makes few WWE appearances, but when he does people tune in to watch him destroy the opponent. Here’s the person who ended Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak, took the WWE Championship from John Cena with ease and hasn’t been pinned in years (which includes making Undertaker tap at this year’s SummerSlam). Lesnar doesn’t even have to talk; that’s Paul Heyman’s role. “The Beast” simply needs to send his opponent to suplex city as the crowd counts along. If the WWE wanted to make a monster, they’ve succeeded with Lesnar. He’s a different breed of what’s a wrestler.

Stephen Nixon:

Brock Lesnar is the most over wrestler within WWE and is more over than anyone else. He’s so good because he has the ability to come into the ring and destroy someone in 2 minutes as a live special, but people want to see it. They don’t care about a long winded match but would much rather see him wreck destruction. Because of his UFC career and long WWE career before his comeback, Lesnar is such an easy draw. Also, there are not too many people in the world that have his physicality and quickness, so compared to other wrestlers, Lesnar is such an easy draw.

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