With the Shakeup over and done with, what do our writers think of the Shakeup, as it pertains to RAW?

John Deegan:

The Shakeup, just as a one night thing, was one of the better RAWs we’ve had. Better than the post-Mania show, even. As for who came over? It was a pretty good haul. I  was surprised that RAW did not add someone like AJ Styles, while someone else (Seth Rollins) stayed put. I could totally see that adjusted either by way of a trade, or in the draft down the road. But, all said and done, I think RAW made out pretty well. Fans were fairly excited by the addition of Alexa Bliss, and even though Charlotte left, I think the RAW women’s division is still stronger for now. I think losing Kevin Owens stings, but I actually think The Miz could soften the blow a bit. All in all, pretty pleased by the changes.

Joseph Lisnow:

There were some hits, misses, and questionable moves. The Miz will probably get lost in the shuffle of RAW. On SmackDown, The Miz was given a chance to shine and it showed getting a tag team match against John Cena at WrestleMania. The same could happen to Dean Ambrose, though we now have a chance for a short lived Shield reunion. Bray Wyatt just dropped the WWE Championship, so being on RAW could be a chance to get away from the whole Wyatt Family angle. I like Alexa Bliss making the move, but wish Mickie stayed put to help the younger stars on SmackDown. For once, it seems like WWE might actually give Apollo Crews a decent storyline. Kalisto and Curt Hawkins won’t matter. Jobbers are jobbers. Heath Slater & Rhyno works because it slightly changes the RAW tag team picture.

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