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With both Nia Jax and Braun Strowman finding themselves squarely in the mix for WWE titles, we ask our writers: who wins one first?

Dorathy Gass:

Honestly, I’m going to give two answers here. More likely to be champ: Nia Jax. Who deserves to be next champ (in their respective divisions) more: Braun Strowman. Here’s why: because let’s face it, Braun Strowman has become one of the best things about Monday Night RAW lately. At SummerSlam, he  proved that he is more than ready for the title race picture and to hold that Universal Championship. He knows how to perform a solid and entertaining main event match. Still, while I do believe he’s ‘ready’ to knock Brock Lesnar off his throne, the reason I don’t think he’ll be champ next is because it doesn’t seem written in the cards and spoilers indicate otherwise. Still, if this does happen at No Mercy, it would be welcomed surprise.
Now, onto Nia. I love Nia Jax: her look, her persona, her power, her aggression. She certainly is ‘not like most girls’ in the women’s division – on either brand. The women’s title race is an entirely different picture than that of the Universal Championship and while I personally think she needs more time before becoming RAW Women’s Champ, she does have a better chance at snagging that title at No Mercy, despite her inexperience.

 John Deegan:

I think both could be said to be deserving. I think the women’s division needs something, and until Asuka is healed up and ready, why not Nia? I really think she’d make for an interesting women’s champion. She would be perhaps the most physically imposing champion since say, Chyna or Beth Phoenix, and I think she dwarfs either of them. So, I’d have no issues with her winning, and I think she’s a good choice. I just have a bad feeling Emma, positioned as a throw in, pulls off the win.

As for Braun? He’s the one who deseves it most. He’s been getting better and better since his debut, he hasn’t gotten stale. Crowds are enjoying what he can do. I still think he’s the son of Ogre from Revenge of the Nerds, but I digress. Lesnar seems to be happy to put over the newer/younger guys-look at SummerSlam, and see how he managed to help everyone look fine (especially Braun and Joe). A logical next step would be to completely put one of them over and drop the strap to them, right? Maybe. Now is a tricky time, kind of. While WrestleMania is still 6+ months out, we all know WWE is already plotting how that megacard will look. And Lesnar, big a ticket as he is, factors into that. Does he need the belt? Probably not, he’d draw without it. Will he drop it before then? Maybe. I think dropping it to Strowman could be a smart move now. If his run fails to inspire, they can always have him drop it at Survivor Series to Lesnar. But I am fully ready for Strowman to have some gold.

Joseph Lisnow:

I have to agree that both make for great champions. It could be that they’ve slowly grown on fans without being shoved too much on TV screens; or, fans believe both deserve a title run. As for who gets the gold first, I’ll go with Nia. I think WWE will have Brock Lesnar hold the Universal Championship until the Royal Rumble or WrestleMania. He could drop it at Survivor Series, but it seems like an angle better fit for WrestleMania season. If Lesnar wasn’t champion, I’d say give Braun Strowman the belt now as he’s grown so much the past six months. Strowman’s day will come in about a year. Nia vs. Alexa Bliss looks to be where WWE is headed and that looks on track for Survivor Series. I see Nia walking into WrestleMania as champion. We’ll have to see who Nia meets before guessing if she’ll leave New Orleans with the belt.

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