This seems to be a question that WWE Creative is asking themselves. So we joined in on the fun and asked our writers: what would you do now, with Dolph Ziggler?

John Deegan:

Well, this is sort of a loaded question, isn’t it? I mean, there’s a lot they could do with Ziggler…but will they? That is the biggest part of the equation, honestly. Ziggler has held the big belt a time or two. He had his chances. His cash in was one of the most popular I can remember. He had an amazing run through Survivor Series one year, too. And then now, he can’t even get a program? It’s bizarre. So here are some ideas…

1-Push him again. Seriously, why not. Why can’t he get a belt, big or small, and run with it. Are you telling me you wouldn’t want to see the kinds of four and five star matches he and AJ Styles could put on, vying for the big belt?

2-Pair him up. Find him a tag partner and have him get back to how he broke into WWE. I mean, it’s entirely possible to do this and have success. Look at Sheamus and Cesaro.

3-Have him interfere with Nakamura at SummerSlam. Not a huge fan of this, but it would re-start that program, and those two have the tools to put on some great matches.

4-Release him. I am not a fan of this, but if they (WWE Creative) really and truly are incapable of booking him, then they owe it to him to release him and let him find a new path.

Joseph Lisnow:

A rumor is WWE wants to repackage Ziggler. I like Ziggler’s gimmick and don’t think changing it after so long with the company makes sense. There are a few other options. He’s really talented and could be used in NXT as on-air talent or in a backstage role. Maybe, even a mix of both. For the right price, Ziggler could easily find himself as the top star of GFW or Lucha Underground. Then again, he could retire to work in Hollywood or maybe be a co-host on a political talkshow. There are lots of roles for Ziggler if he decides to stop being wasted on TV.

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