Vince McMahon announced on Monday Night RAW last week that, with WrestleMania in their rear view mirror, it’s time for a Superstar shakeup. All we really know is that some talents will be changing rosters. What we don’t know is how many, or how the “decisions” will be made. So, who do our writers think will be on the move?

Dorathy Gass:

I’m thinking (because I’ve read reports about it), that AJ Styles will most likely move to RAW. I think Sami Zayn should be sent to SmackDown LIVE, as his style and persona may fit that brand better. If I was in charge of the shake up, I may move The New Day to SmackDown LIVE, as their tag team division really needs a shakeup and is slowly sinking into irrelevancy right now. I’d also move Dolph Ziggler to RAW as he is in desperate need of a fresh start; he’s been one of those superstars who hasn’t been able to capitalize from the brand extension last summer. The women’s divisions on both brands have been doing well, but with Nikki Bella taking time off to heel that neck of hers, I imagine a RAW female superstar might be moved over to SD LIVE and perhaps Dana Brook may do well with a change. I also think Mickie James moving to RAW may be a good move.

John Deegan:

I am going to try to think this one through somewhat logically. Meaning, if one male Superstar leaves RAW, one would be coming back. Ditto for women and tag teams. About the only division you’d assume to be safe, apparently, would be the Cruiserweights. So let’s get started.

Two men from RAW to SmackDown: Sami Zayn and Braun Strowman.

Zayn has been teased to jump brands for months, but for one reason or another, that particular trigger was never pulled. As for why Strowman? I think he has earned a mid-card push, so I say let him come over to the blue brand and dethrone Dean Ambrose.

Two men to RAW:

AJ Styles and Baron Corbin.

On Styles, Tuesday night felt like his farewell. And, like Dor said, there are rumors out there. They are calling him the best of his generation, and if they truly believe that, then get him on the flagship show. Why Corbin? Because I think the change could be good, but he’s fine in either brand’s locker room. I do like Dor’s pick of Ziggler, but at the same time, I worry that not even a brand switch is going to help him now.

One woman to SmackDown:

Emma. I could see it being someone else, but I think Emma makes enough sense. She’s not going to supplant Charlotte as the top heel, and either Nia or Sasha gets to be heel number 2. Whichever of those is left as a babyface, or made to be one, would be one of the top two on RAW alongside Bayley.

One woman to RAW:

I have to concur with the idea of Mickie James to RAW. But I would also be cool if RAW sent SmackDown a woman, and RAW made up for it by having Asuka come up, similar to when Kevin Owens showed up on RAW with the NXT title.

The tag divisions.

New Day makes the most sense, especially now with Matt and Jeff in the RAW fold.

Coming back from SmackDown, I suppose I don’t really know. The blue brand’s tag division is terrible in terms of depth, so here’s where you almost want to give, but not take.

Joseph Lisnow:

I do feel WWE is jumping the gun as the brand extension was only in July. We are now going to miss some post-WrestleMania feuds as our attention shifts to this sudden change. Looking at the format, RAW, SmackDown and NXT superstars all seem eligible.

To RAW, I see Baron Borbin, Dolph Ziggler and Mickie James. Corbin needs something fresh after working most of the Smackdown roster. Anything to help Ziggler’s current spot on the roster will help. James is a veteran and she could be used to help put over the talent that debuted over the past few years.

To SmackDown, Sami Zayn, Braun Strowman and Charlotte. Sami needs to get away from Kevin Owens and the only way that happens is via the Shakeup. Strowman can be the new monster on on the blue brand since Undertaker is not around to scare people. Charlotte has done everything on RAW, so a change of scenery will help

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