If you were paying attention, it was announced that on the January 9th RAW, we will get to enjoy not only Shawn Michaels, but also The Undertaker. A rare appearance by both men, this close to the Rumble and as we are getting on the Road to WrestleMania? What could we expect?

Dorathy Gass:

I imagine both men on RAW are for a ratings boost and it has something to do around the Royal Rumble or Wrestlemania.
I am excited to see both men return to RAW and do wonder what this is all about. If The Undertaker is throwing his hat into the Royal Rumble, then it’s perplexing as to why he wouldn’t do so on SmackDown, since weeks ago (before Survivor Series), he showed up on SD LIVE proclaiming he was affiliated with that brand. So, it should be interesting to see what he has to say and why he chose to say it on Monday Night RAW.

In terms of Shawn Michaels, I’m guessing he may have a special role that he wants to announce for Wrestlemania or Royal Rumble. Sure, there has been tons of speculation around whether he would return to the ring, especially after that Royal Rumble poster of him and AJ Styles made the internet rounds recently. I don’t see Michaels returning for one more match, but I do see something in the works where fans will see him on a regular basis. Maybe he will have a special role at WM or maybe he takes over for Mick Foley while the current RAW GM gets his hip replaced? Something along that lines.

John Deegan:

First things first, I agree with Dor, that it’s a bit funny having ‘Taker be on SmackDown pre-Survivor Series expressing his love for the blue brand, but when he’s next back on TV, he’s showing up on RAW.

With that out of the way, I figure this is a ratings ploy, and then some. Here are two legends, mainstays from Vince’s most recent run of great success. So, he’s been known to go to the well a time or two, and it’s entirely possible that this is at least mostly what they are here for.

But I doubt it.

Will we see another HBK/’Taker match? I don’t think so. Shawn has been steadfast in his “I’m retired” position. And, whomever Undertaker is fighting next, I figure it would be a match we haven’t already seen. Not that the two didn’t give us some amazing matches.

So then what?

Well, the Rumble is in San Antonio. Shawn is from San Antonio (and Undertaker is also a Texan). My guess is that both men will be involved in the Rumble. Rumors have been swirling that Undertaker may in fact enter, and is a suggested winner even. Personally, if he is indeed entering, I’d have kept his a surprise until the event. The crowd would have exploded when the gong tolls unexpectedly (though, even if he’s announced ahead of time, the crowd will erupt all the same). Michaels will be involved in some capacity too. Perhaps a guest host gig? Involved, in front of the cameras, but otherwise in a non-wrestling role. That’s my expectation, at least.

Joseph Lisnow:

Don’t expect to see either person enter the Royal Rumble match. I’m not sure if they’re going to be working the same angle/program or if WWE has completely different plans for these icons. It seems a bit odd that WWE would have both superstars on the same show unless there’s a major purpose. There’s so much history between these two, especially when it pertains to WrestleMania. I don’t think we can ever forget the two matches they produced and how Undertaker is responsible for ending the long career of Michaels.

Finding their place in current storylines is a bit of a challenge. Undertaker recently appeared on SmackDown and gave the roster a stern warning. Michaels hasn’t been seen on TV in a long time; maybe dating back to last year’s WrestleMania. They might both tease an appearance in the Rumble Match, but it won’t happen. It would a sight if Triple H appeared and three figureheads of WWE once again stood in the same ring. Maybe it’ll involve Undertaker announcing his retirement at WrestleMania. Who knows what’s going to happen on RAW. All I know, is this should help the ratings as some older fans return to see Michaels and Undertaker one more time.

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