So last Tuesday, it was announced that Alexa Bliss would be facing essentially the entire SmackDown women’s roster at WrestleMania. How do you feel about it? Do you like it?

Dorathy Gass:

Not really. First off, it feels too much like AJ Lee’s Wrestlemania 30 match and overall I perceive it as just mashing in the entire SD LIVE women’s division to ensure they all have a spot on the ‘Grandest Stage of Them All’.
Having said that, I recently read a Naomi injury update stating that the former SmackDown LIVE women’s champ still doesn’t know if she’ll make it in time for WM 33. It seems that either a) she does know and this is just a work (as we are far too close to the big event to be ‘iffy’ about these things) or b) this match is set up so that if Naomi can compete, there’s an ‘in’ for her, but if she can’t … a match is still booked that can move on without her. It may be the WWE is still hoping to get that big Orlando welcome for Naomi that was originally planned in the first place, and they are not letting go. Thus, if that is the case, then pitting the entire women’s roster against Bliss makes sense. To create a solid Wrestlemania program would mean Naomi would entirely be out of the equation and Creative would have to move forward with something different. Having all the women compete is a nice way to tie down a storyline with a major commitment.
Now, having said all that … with Mickie James turning on Alexa Bliss during the March 7th edition of SmackDown LIVE there is sure to be a lot of different stories at play during the match. Here’s hoping the women will be able to relay those stories well enough in a ring that is sure to be filled with chaos.

John Deegan:

While I think, if done well and right, it allows Naomi to sneak in as a surprise competitor-on my Nutshell, I suggested they make it a gauntlet match where Bliss will think she’s survived, only to have Naomi be one more for her to go through. That one, I could get behind. However, I have a feeling it’s going to be one crazy, chaotic mess. More like a rumble or a free-for-all, with anarchy reigning. And basically, Bliss will lose the title, but she may not even be pinned for it. And I think, if they do indeed book that sort of chaotic mess, that it underscores the poor shape of the overall SmackDown women’s roster. I mean, it’s not bad, but it’s not RAW. They badly need another top star (or two).

Joseph Lisnow:

Tough call. SmackDown easily has the weaker of two women’s divisions, so I can see the need for tossing everyone into the match. Since the draft, Alexa Bliss has been the star. Becky Lynch never seemed to get over as champion. Mickie James makes for an interesting addition. The other names are so-so. On top of everything, we don’t know what the original plans were for WrestleMania if Naomi didn’t get injured and vacate the title. These could be last minute storylines so SmackDown had something to show come WrestleMania.

If I’m WWE and this match needs to count, bring someone up from NXT and make them the star of Tuesday nights.

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