After Hell In A Cell, the WWE roster grew by one with the return of Alberto Del Rio. Considering how Del Rio departed last year, what are the staff thoughts on his return?

Dorathy Gass:
I love the fact that Del Rio is back, I love how WWE brought him back, and I love the fact that they placed a title around his waist for his first match back. Let’s talk about how he returned: it was an amazing surprise, that not many would have predicted. Sure, there was some speculation that Del Rio was thinking about returning to the WWE; but considering how and why he left the company, it was a shock to see him at the Hell in a Cell (HIAC) pay-per-view (PPV). I think strategically, this is a great move for both WWE and Del Rio. From what I have read, Del Rio is loved and respected by superstars backstage; so this has got to be a good thing for team moral to have him back. Sure, it was perhaps inappropriate to hit a WWE employee, however, if the rumors are true, and there were racial slurs involved, than I can understand his position. Considering the situation on why he left, I think it was more than appropriate for Del Rio to be the one to snag the U.S. Championship from Cena. And since his return to Monday Night RAW, it seems that Del Rio hasn’t skipped a beat. It’s great to have him back, and I can’t wait to see what role he plays and what he does moving forward.

Joseph Lisnow:
I’m stunned Alberto Del Rio returned to the WWE. He seemed to be upset during his final months in the company and the incident with a WWE social media worker seemed to be the straw that broke the camel’s back. I didn’t expect Del Rio to sign a new contract when his expired, let alone comeback to the WWE after such a disgusting comment from a fellow employee. I’m thinking the WWE desperately needed a star for their Hispanic audience and that was a gap they haven’t been able to fill since Rey Mysterio left. By bringing Del Rio back, the WWE has taken away one of the top draws for Lucha Underground and various wrestling promotions throughout South America. It was a smart move on WWE’s part and probably a costly one. If the WWE makes Del Rio a major star, which I think he could be, then bringing him back could be one of the best moves the company made all year. His surprise return will definitely be in the Top 10 moments of 2015.

John Deegan:
When rumors swirled recently that WWE wanted Del Rio back, I found it surprising in a sense. Not because he isn’t talented-far from it. But because they fired him, as opposed to him walking out and WWE not wanting him to leave. I have to presume that the issues that lead to his departure were addressed in one way or another, though I don’t think they were with someone so significant that they’d be insurmountable (it’s not like his beef was with Hunter or Steph).

That being said, clearly he’s in as good a shape as he’s ever been during his WWE tenure. His time in Lucha Underground was well spent, and perhaps time apart was really what both sides needed. He got back to his roots, doing what he loves, how he loves it and with more creative control than I presume he had within WWE. And the suits in Stamford recognized that his talent is that good, and worth having around. I have to assume that having a championship around his waist so soon was part of how he was brought back to the company, and given his past feud with Cena I have to guess that being able to take a title from Cena upon returning was just the cherry on top. Add in his new, if odd, alliance with Zeb Colter, and you have a Del Rio who very likely is going to be much better this time than the first time, and the first time wasn’t all that bad.

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