After a couple shows, we asked our writers for their thoughts on Absolution and Riott Squad.

Dorathy Gass:

I’m completely impressed by both Absolution and Riott Squad. Their names need to grow on me, but overall, both factions are killing it. Their debuts last week (with Paige’s return) were explosive and this week we got some insight into their ring and mic work. Fans are familiar with Paige and her character (on the RAW side), so it was nice to hear from Sonya DeVille and Mandy Rose before their three-on-one match against Sasha Banks. It’s refreshing to see a female faction with such dominance and strength, as in the past, women groups haven’t really been presented as such in the WWE.

When it comes to Riott and her group, I enjoyed the match and backstage promo, although it seems that Ruby did most of the talking. While Riott is the clear front-runner for this faction, Sarah Logan has caught my eye and I see her becoming a breakout star on the SmackDown roster come 2018.

All and all, I’m fascinated by all six women and both factions. Can’t wait to see how their stories unravel in the coming months and leading up to Wrestlemania.

John Deegan:

Of the two, Absolution got the better name. I hate that they added an extra “t” to Riot, no doubt for the sake of trademarks. When Paige named the group, I couldn’t help but think of Evolution, and I bet someone else did too.

As for the groups themselves? I think the blue brand’s new trio needs to beef up the mic skills, but in ring both threesomes have done nothing but impress. I suppose my only real question would be “why did WWE wait?”. I ask that because over the summer months, both women’s divisions seemed to hit a lull where things just got stale. Same top women, same recycled matchups, and while they may have been good, they were also done to death and it just wasn’t keeping fans entertained.

These six could be the shots in the arm each brand needed.

Joseph Lisnow:

It came out of nowhere. That’s my initial thought and then how strange the timing is for two similar stables to join separate brands on 24 hours apart. If this happened in early November, I’d be pointing to some sort of elimination style match at Survivor Series. It’s tough to label what’s the purpose these women. Paige is around, so it’s not an invasion by NXT. Maybe the female Royal Rumble Match is true. Some said Vince McMahon thought the current storylines were stale.

NXT didn’t lose their top female superstars, but the up and comers were pushed to the main roster; and probably too soon. I have a feeling most of these ladies will struggle with Ruby Riott and Mandy Rose having the best chance to succeed. Paige is already over and that could be heard during the pop when she returned. 

Thuis feels like it might backfire on WWE.

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