With the big show rapidly approaching, we asked our writers what they thought of the card so far.

Dorathy Gass:

The card is shaping up nicely in my opinion. With all the high-end championship matches already announced, and clear programs shaping up to build future matches; I’m pretty stoked about SummerSlam. The fatal four-way for the Universal title should be a good watch. I like that Shinsuke Nakamura is number one contender and will battle Jinder Mahal on the second largest WWE pay-per-view of the year. AJ Styles versus Kevin Owens rarely disappoints, and adding Shane McMahon into the mix will offer a different dynamic. I also love, love, love the fact that Naomi is finally getting a solid one-on-one program within her SD LIVE Women’s Championship reign; it’s a nice surprise that Natalya is finally being placed in the title race spotlight, as well.

I’m feeling ‘so-so’ about the Randy Orton versus Rusev program as I’m not really ‘invested’ in it yet; but, otherwise, the show is shaping up nicely.

John Deegan:

I think that, so far the card is shaping up well. Not like an all time great card, but pretty good. I think the fatal fourway is the showpiece match, but both shows have set up a number of really compelling matches thus far. If I had one knock on it, I’d say that it lacks a certain wow factor. Like, there is no Undertaker-Lesnar  match. That might not hinder the card, but if there’s a major flaw for me right now, that would be it.

 Joseph Lisnow:

It does feel like SummerSlam is missing that big marquee match. The card is already loaded and a few more matches will likely be added before the show begins. It feels like WWE’s biggest star of the show will be Brock Lesnar. There have rumblings that he might drop the title and he’s facing three men who all deserve a title reign. The problem is that WWE has made Lesnar the central point of almost every SummerSlam since his return and it’s starting to get old. The other top matches feel like Kevin Owens and AJ Styles ending their program, but we’ve already seen these two wrestle a number of times the last 60 days. If Shinsuke Nakamura leaves with gold that would be huge and the same goes for Baron Corbin. Everything else just seems okay and WWE should have a better card with this being the first major event since WrestleMania.

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