Here is a simple premise. What match, that has not been announced, do you want to see at WrestleMania?

Dorathy Gass:

I was looking forward to seeing John Cena versus The Undertaker to be honest. It’s not in the cards and at this point, I’m not sure if we will ever see it. It may go down as one as one of those matches fans wanted to see, but never got to. With Taker’s career winding down and John Cena preoccupied with Hollywood calling – it may never happen. Both men are currently booked in other programs for the Grandest Stage of Them All, and both programs seem lackluster compared to these two squaring off. Regardless, I don’t book Wrestelmania matches, I just watch them, so I can’t really complain.

Otherwise, I can’t really think of any match I’d “really want” booked for WM 33 at this point.

John Deegan:

For me, this one is easy. It’s not a match between two Superstars, per se. No, for me it’s a gimmick match. Which one? That’s easy. I want to see them bring Money In The Bank back to WrestleMania. I mean, fine, it’s cool, you have your own PPV for it, but I would scrap that in favor of a different one (or two, if you want brand separation). And bring back MITB to the place where it all began. I mean, for one, it could be awesome. 8 men, four from each brand, fighting for the briefcase. The winner has the ability (like back in the day) to cash in against EITHER brand champion. And because i think a lot of fans are ambivalent toward the prospects of a part-timer (Goldberg or Lesnar) holding the gold, by adding a MITB match to the card, things get much more interesting.

Joseph Lisnow:

The card is pretty full at the moment. Missing from the scheme of everything is Dean Ambrose, who held the WWE Championship about seven months ago. He’s been working a program with Baron Corbin since Elimination Chamber and all the pieces are their for a match. It’s not like this match will be anything special, but both deserve a spot on the card. Ambrose needs to get back into major storylines and Corbin must capitalize on wining the Andre the Giant Battle Royal last year. If neither appear at WrestleMania, it will affect their careers.

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