They tell us Sunday is the final clash between The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar. So with that in mind, just who do we think walks away victorious?

Dorathy Gass:

Yikes, this is a tough one. As one of Taker’s final matches, and probably the last Hell in a Cell match he will ever be in, my nod goes to The Undertaker. However, I do feel in a lot of ways that Lesnar needs to win this match. He’s had a string of bad outcomes in 2015: losing the WWE World Heavyweight title at Wrestlemania 31, losing his re-match for the title at Battleground (thanks to The Undertaker), and losing at SummerSlam. Lesnar still has some gas in the tank as it relates to the WWE, and Taker is somewhat on his way out. I think that in the end, Lesnar will cheat for the win – still providing some sort of legitimacy to The Undertaker, but tacking on another ‘win’ as it relates to record books, for Lesnar. It’s also a great way to for him to end his ‘Go To Hell’ tour; on a high note.

Joseph Lisnow:

It feels like the Undertaker is the old dog in what has become Brock Lesnar’s yard. When Lesnar snapped the WrestleMania Streak, he was solidified as the scariest person on the wrestler—a trait that once belonged solely to Undertaker. This should be violent and adding the cell around the ring makes inflicting damage that much easier.

A Lesnar win is also the right decision as Undertaker may still make sporadic wrestling appearances for a few more years, his career is dwindling. As for Lesnar, he’s not getting younger either but he’s becoming more over with fans with each passing week. I’ll be rooting for both (probably more Undertaker), but this feud has been about getting Lesnar over. The WWE has made Lesnar the most over wrestler since WrestleMania XXX and for them to keep their investment, a win over Undertaker inside hell in cell is the way to go.

John Deegan:

Here are some numbers, not that these mean anything. Brock is undefeated in Hell In A Cell matches. Undertaker has a .500 record, winning as many times as he’s lost (6 each). So those numbers tell us…nothing. Not one thing. It’s sports entertainment, after all. Beyond those? I am torn. Part of me is skeptical, like will WWE really make this their last match? I know it’s what has been said, but that can just be a convenient marketing tool, don’t you think? Up there with a Terry Funk retirement match. But, let’s assume it really is their final encounter. Odds would indicate that this has to have a clean ending, right? I mean, it’s one explanation of why they are in the Cell, after all.

But, I will say this. I do not discount the chance that there will be outside interference and a screw job ending. The one currently making rounds in my head? Get the Wyatts involved somehow and have them screw not one, but both men (and the fans). It gives Brock a program to work over the next few months, and it gives WWE an out-they can do a 2nd “final match ever” for them at WrestleMania, I give something like this about a 2 percent chance of happening.

So, with the curve covered, I think this one should be…almost needs to be…a decisive yet clean win. No more premature bells. No low blows. Hard fought, back and forth, blood, sweat and tears spilled, but a definitive winner. And after it’s all said and done, I think it would just be that awesome to see the two men, who not that long ago were seen on RAW screaming at each other about killing the other…if they could meet, at mid-ring, and shake hands as a mark of respect. Will that happen? Doubt it, but it would be cool. As for who gets the win? I think it makes more sense for a Lesnar win than a ‘Taker win.

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