Really simple and direct: who do our writers think will win the United States title?

Dorathy Gass:

First off, interesting group of contenders that the WWE pulled for the U.S. Championship tournament. Bobby Roode and Baron Corbin seemed like ‘givens’ considering Corbin was the last U.S. Champ before the title was relinquished by Dolph Ziggler and Roode was in the title match where The Show Off won. Sure, Jinder Mahal and Tye Dillinger do make sense as well as they seem like upper-mid-carders that would certainly make great United States Champions. As a former WWE champ,  Mahal attaining U.S. gold could keep his top heel momentum going and hold the prestige up for this second-tier SmackDown LIVE title. Meanwhile, Dillinger has yet to attain main roster gold and a U.S. championship win would certainly help to catapult him into storylines and SD LIVE air time. Mojo Rawley and Zack Ryder in the tourney mix allows them to close their feud up once and for all, so both men can move on.
Still, I while the six men above do seem like viable contenders, my pick for U.S. title holder is Xavier Woods, for a variety of reasons.  Even being included in the tournament sort of came out of left field as most tend to think The New Day lies within the tag team division and action. The fact he was added into the mix makes me think he’ll at the very least progress to the finals at the Royal Rumble. Also, one can’t ignore the fun WWE Creative could have if the U.S. Championship was placed around Woods’ waist. Could the Freebird Rule come into effect during matches? Would a Woods U.S. Championship reign equal out into a New Day U.S. Championship reign? Ah, the promos! Ah, the backstage banter! Ah, potential new t-shirt designs! I digress …
I think this is a concept that could allow The New Day to take a break from the tag team division and spotlight, to allow other teams in the title race picture and air time, but still keeps fan favorites Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods with adequate air time on SmackDown LIVE with a new and unique storyline and angle.
John Deegan:

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We certainly have plenty of intriguing options, do we not? I mean, could you imagine a US title won by Xavier Woods, but held by New Day and defended under Freebird Rules? That would be craziness, to say the least.

My favorite of the tournament? Bobby Roode. But, I don’t think he wins it….at least, not really.

I think we get to the finals, Roode wins it, and just as he is about to be given the belt, Ziggler’s music hits (or at least, some of it), and out comes the champ who walked out. And he’s walking back in, pointing out that while he stepped away and basically abdicated the title, he will say he never really vacated it. It would then set up, with a good couple months to build it up, Ziggler versus Roode, belt versus belt to determine the true United States Champion. Make it best of three falls, at WrestleMania, and give the men a solid 20 to 25 minutes to work, at a minimum. A match like that, for those two men? It could seriously try and steal the show.

At least, that’s my hope.

Joseph Lisnow:

To me, Jinder Mahal seems like the obvious choice. He just dropped the WWE Championship and the company wants to keep him a major star, which can be tough with WrestleMania season approaching. I do feel once this entire tournament ends, we might not have a winner and Dolph Ziggler will once again be wearing a title he never lost.

Xavier Woods is an interesting choice and if New Day was not such a hit as a group of three superstars, then he might deserve a small singles push. I do feel like WWE will have Booby Roode and Jinder meet in the finals. Roode is over, but a title would help as he is on the cusp of becoming a main event wrestler. I would rather WWE wait and make Roode a heel before he wins gold on the main roster as his gimmick is better suited to portray a heel. So, Jinder vs. Roode sounds like the direction WWE is headed. They might feud for about two months, with Ziggler possibly being added into the program. I am looking towards WrestleMania and right now there is no clear path fo Roode, Jinder or Ziggler. All I can say, is I would bet on Jinder winning the tournament and then working with Ziggler.

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