The Bullet Club has officially reunited in the form of the Balor Club within the WWE as of late, and this seems like a win-win situation for Finn Balor, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallowsnot to mention the WWE Universe. When AJ Styles, and The Club jumped over to the company in 2016, many wondered how long it would take for fans to see a Bullet Club reunion with Finn Balor. Alas, we didn’t get to see all four men reunite, but Gallows and Anderson remained with Styles for a while. Still, once the brand split occurred and the tag team was separated from AJ, Styles, who would move onto singles greatness both as a heel and face, Gallows and Anderson on the other hand fizzled greatly.

This formation of a pseudo-Bullet Club in the Balor Club is a great thing. I’ve always felt The Club has been underappreciated and underutilized when left as a tag team versus part of a faction. It could be most likely something to point the finger at WWE Creative; however, seeing them with Balor brings out all the feels in Bullet Club fans who have yearned to see Gallows and Anderson once again aligned with Balor. Not to mention the fact that Gallows and Anderson just work better as part of a trio. Plus, Balor seems like he’s in his glory as of late, as well.

Because, let’s face it, despite ample time given to Finn Balor on RAW, he hasn’t really been part of a solid storyline or program since the Sister Abigail versus Demon King debacle that thankfully never came to be due to a viral infection back in October during the Tables, Ladders, and Chairs (TLC) pay-per-view (PPV). While Finn Balor is clearly main event material, he’s not been given any main event love lately. There have been internet rumors circulating that he was going to be placed in a title race program against Brock Lesnar come the 2018 Royal Rumble, but the idea was pulled as WWE’s head honcho Vince McMahon didn’t think he was over with the fans. While that very idea is up for debate, in many ways I like the new direction of where Balor, along with Gallows and Anderson is heading.

First off, there’s nothing like a feel-good faction and Balor Club has all the right elements. They have history, yet the stable is new to WWE audiences, which allows them to have a bond and offer fresh stories to fans. With this reunion, brings a whole lot of feels, nostalgia, yet new experiences, competition, and layers to unfold.

Another plus to all this is programs. Gallows and Anderson were on the verge of irrelevancy, without a real bonefide program recently. I like them, I like their shtick; however, for one reason or another, they seem to excel as sidekicks. They need a leader, their characters have ‘cronies’ written all over them (and I mean this in the best of ways, and when I say ‘cronies’ I’m referring to their personas, not the talent themselves) and their gimmicks work so much better with someone at the head of the helm. As it relates to Balor, well he’s finally got a bonefide reason for RAW airtime, a story tell, matches that mean more than just battling a jobber, he has a real a purpose.

Would I like to see Balor in the main event or in a title race program? Absolutely. However, the road he was on before this reunited Balor Club seemed to be going nowhere. Perhaps heading into Wrestlemania and beyond that, Balor can catapult into this spectrum (thanks to the faction) after the dust has settled around Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar. At the end of the day, while I would’ve loved to see Balor main event the 2018 Royal Rumble, the bout would not have been more than a squash match and really would not have done much for this character’s story in the long run. With this Balor Club reunion, perhaps a main event spot or even Universal Championship reign, is possible, post-WM of course.

The opportunities may be endless for all three superstars, depending on how the next few months unfold. Regardless, for now, I’m enjoying the formation of the Balor Club, from their promos, backstage antics, and in-ring stories. The faction is helping to make Monday Night RAW great again, enjoyable, and entertaining; which also makes this reunion a huge win for us fans.

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