Well, by the end of Battleground I had the beginnings of an answer to my question of what is WWE doing with The Big Show. But, at the same time, there is the poor WWE title…unclaimed. Which, really, all makes perfect sense as you can now head to Hell in a Cell and have the title up for grabs in such a match-should they choose to do so.

But, that will come out on RAW I am sure….for now, lets recap the action.

Dolph goes over Sandow-Not surprised by the result, though it feels like Damien has taken a number of losses lately. Yes, he has that MITB briefcase with him, but it’s not a shield, and you do still have to keep him around as a credible threat to both cash it in and be a worthy champion. Unless, of course, they are planning to have Sandow become only the third MITB winner to not successfully cash in (And before anyone flames me, the first to not cash in was Mr. Kennedy, who lost the case before he could. Second of course was Cena, who gave a lot of advanced notice). Nice to see Ziggler with the win, though it was on the pre-show…

ADR retains over RVD-I felt this was a nice match for these two, though I really thought it would have made a lot of sense for Van Dam to claim the gold. Once this one came on right after the Sandow match, I pretty much eliminated the idea of a cash-in, as it just would have felt…overexposed. After the chances RVD has had, I have to assume there will be someone new challenging ADR, though with HIAC right around the corner, I would not be surprised if RVD earns one of the slots in the WHC match (depending on when he’s stepping away for a bit).

Real Americans over Khali and Santino-this match came together the morning of the PPV, and it just felt like it was done so to get the Real Americans on it and get them a W-which happened. I will say that Cesaro in particular continues to impress. Hard to not give him props for that truly giant swing.

Curtis Axel over R-Truth-when this one was announced, it also felt thrown together. Somewhat tied to what has been happening, between Stephanie giving Ron a hard time for not having any title matches recently, and Truth having solid showings the past few weeks, but there wasn’t a tremendous amount of buildup. And because of that, I would have been stunned if it turned out any other way than with Axel still the champion. It would be nice to see him get into a solid program with a viable opponent where the WWE actually makes us believe he can or may lose the title…

AJ over Brie-Nothing surprising here, a lot expected AJ to retain, which she did. Brie in my mind never really resembled a true candidate to win the title, and if AJ were to drop it anytime soon, I really don’t know who makes sense at this point.

Rhodes Family defeats The Shield-this was a match where we all expected the family to win so we get them back on TV, but because it was against The Shield, nothing would have surprised me. I liked the match a lot, and I liked the end result. Especially because I think we’ve only just begun seeing this feud play out.

Bray defeats Kofi-Not quite a squash, but this was such a predictable outcome. With Kane done filming and presumed to be returning shortly, Kofi was really just an appetizer.

Punk over Ryback-I honestly expected a Punk loss, but I like this booking. Because Punk had to get a little….unorthodox…in how he knocked off Ryback, he’s given plenty of ammo to Paul Heyman and company to keep things going. Which, I expect them to.

Bryan and Orton-well, this one really didn’t have an ending, per se. A no decision, actually. I thought this one could end up with no winner again, though I didn’t exactly peg it as the Big Show coming down and blowing the whole thing up. How they play this one is going to be interesting. WWE is, I think, taking a risk by not having a WWE champion now for a month, and assuming they don’t resolve it until the Hell In A Cell PPV later this month, they are pushing almost 2 months sans champion. I have to believe they have a method to the madness….I just can’t see it yet. Sure, having Show just totally destroy the match seems like he was at first “doing his job”, then exacting revenge, but it leaves more questions. If Show had been complaining in recent memory for a title shot, then I could see how all of this really makes sense. And maybe that comes out, that he was angered by not having a shot at the title, that he felt neither man was more deserving of the title than he was.

In all, it was an OK PPV. I could say I was happy with the Rhodes victory, as well as somewhat surprised by the Punk victory, but most other matches could have been better. And with only 3 weeks until the next PPV, things should begin to come together fast. It’ll be interesting to see how things play out.

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