Pleasant surprise for any Hugger fans out there, and no surprise now, but it was nice to see Bayley finally climb to the top of that proverbial Women’s division mountain this past Monday night, as she captured the RAW’s Women’s title from nemesis, Charlotte Flair.

Bayley had a lot of first that night: first time main eventing RAW (closing the show) and first-time holding WWE main roster gold.

We were all expecting, for the most part, to see Bayley achieve this huge milestone come Wrestlemania 33, alas plans have clearly changed. So, what does this all mean?

What I’m hoping it doesn’t mean, is a hot potato flip flop between Charlotte and Bayley. What I think it will mean is an early heel turn for Sasha (earlier than expected), with Charlotte taking a bit of a backburner when it comes to the title race picture. Charlotte has been fantastic since she debuted on the main roster in July of 2015 and is undeniably the strongest female competitor on either brand currently; whether you are talking her character confidence, in-ring performance, or on the mic. It has been an organic evolution, one that was encouraged by WWE officials. But, for the future of the division, she does need to step out to the spotlight, for a little, to encourage others and spread out opportunities. One superstar cannot carry a group of talent, it is simply not best of business; and Charlotte has been carry that division on her shoulders as of late.

Alas, enter: Bayley. It’s no secret, the higher ups are quite high on Bayley and it’s no wonder why. She connects incredibly with many demographics across the WWE Universe spectrum, with her #HugLife brand. Connecting means merchandise sales and I have yet to attend a WWE Live event where I could snag a Hugger t-shirt or anything Bayley related because they simply fly off the shelves. While it’s surprising that she has won the title before Wrestlemania, it’s not surprising she’s already become Women’s champ. Her persona is endearing, her fangirl story compelling, her wrestling skills are phenomenal, and while I feel there are moments where she can up her mic work, in general, it’s nothing to fluff off and certainly strong.

I can’t predict what will happen in the coming months, but I can only hope that Bayley does hold on to that title heading into Wrestlemania. Perhaps plans have changed. Perhaps the four-way women’s match is a scrap and Sasha versus Bayley is what is on the agenda. The program does seem strong. BFFs collide in a rage of jealousy over the title and who should be at the top. The two women are strong competitors and it just could work. Although, will it pale in comparison to the fallout of JeriKO?

We will have to wait and see …

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