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First and foremost…NO, I am not implying or even attempting to convince you that the upcoming 2017 version of the Survivor Series will be the best one ever. That would, I am afraid, be an exercise in utter futility. No, since I expect the upcoming version to be a stinker, this piece is all about reflecting on those events that have come before, and throwing out which one could be considered the best ever. Rather than go nuts and declare one card best of all, I am going to offer a few prime options to choose from. The key here is that the entire card, from top to bottom, was entertaining. Cards won’t make it here on the strength of one amazing match, if it was anchored down by 5 mediocre ones.¬† So, without any further banter, and in no certain order, here we go!

Honorable Mention: 1992

You know how I just said one amazing match wouldn’t be enough? I meant it. But two? Well, two should, in some cases.

In the case of the 1992 event, there were some interesting ones on the undercard-Nailz and Big Bossman, for example. But the two that make this one well worth watching? Those would Savage and Mr. Perfect taking on Ric Flair and Razor Ramon, topped off by Bret Hart versus Shawn Michaels in a great (non-screw job) match.


Why does this one make the cut? Here’s why: four matches. On the entire card, there were four matches. But they were so good, so well executed, that WWE only needed four matches to comprise the entirety of it’s second ever Survivor Series PPV. Notable events on this one? Demolition had a face turn which was significant, but the single most substantial event was the beginning of the end of the Mega Powers, which would lead to the huge match between Savage and Hogan at WrestleMania V. Also worth pointing out that, unlike most recent iterations, this one was 100 percent all traditional Survivor Series matches. See kids, it CAN work.


Honestly, this one lands here for two reasons. First and foremost, it started the whole tradition. That alone means it is worth  a mention. All in all, another event consisting of nothing but traditional Survivor Series matches, the headliner being a main event built on the feud between Andre the Giant and Hulk Hogan.


OK, maybe this wasn’t the best ever in terms of what the critics all said. But this one is one I always remember, because it provided some pretty nice memories. The most memorable for me was when Luger’s All-American team invited The Undertaker to join their squad, and he answered stoically by merely opening up his duster to reveal a sewn in American flag liner. In terms of other events, the biggest was probably the beginning of the Bret Hart/Owen Hart feud. All in all, it was a pretty good Survivor Series event.

WNZ readers, what do you consider to be your best Survivor Series ever?

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