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I often wonder just why Braun Strowman hasn’t been honored with WWE gold yet. He’s clearly above Intercontinental Championship standards at this point, even though that IC title has been elevated and elevated well. He remains to have a dominant presence on Monday Night RAW despite the fact that he may not be Universal Champion and not necessarily in a title race program all the time.

However, heading into Royal Rumble season, Strowman is in fact being granted a championship bout in the form a triple threat match that pits him against Universal title holder “The Beast” Brock Lesnar and WWE legend (in his own right) Kane.

After once again destroying everything and everyone in his path during the January 8th edition of Monday Night RAW, and throwing Lesnar around as if he were a rag doll, one must have to wonder, how will the WWE book Strowman come Royal Rumble time? And this not only is thought when it comes to the title match he’s in, but the Rumble itself.

Internet fans that dabble in spoilers can see that while there should be a good possibility that Braun Strowman come out on top at the 2018 Royal Rumble to some capacity, whether that be the Universal Championship match or Rumble itself, he most likely won’t score either. Will he entertain fans? Absolutely. Will he be the highlight of both matches? Probably! But, reports indicate that come WrestleMania 34, the main event is likely to be Roman Reigns versus Brock Lesnar, with the Big Dog coming out on top. With that said, a triple threat win for Strowman is sadly and highly unlikely; as is a Royal Rumble win, despite the favorable odds being stacked for Braun. He’s truly been built up as superstar that is unstoppable, with zero conscience, having a mental state that anything could make him snap to create destruction. And as fans, we love watching the proverbial straw break the camel’s back in Strowman’s mind. It is highly entertaining.

Regarding the Royal Rumble, it would be entirely believable for Strowman to enter in the mid-way to end mark, with a ring filled of competitors, where superstars all gang up on him, wear him down (over time and after his initial entering rush of eliminating superstars of his own), and throw him over the top rope. We’ve seen this happen time and time again with other dominant and large talent from Andre the Giant, to King Kong Bundy, to the Big Show … and the list goes on. This time of Royal Rumble elimination is predictable for a character like Strowman and doesn’t hurt the talent in the least. It’s like we fans are simply waiting for it to happen – and it most likely will.

When it comes to the triple threat match, WWE Creative needs to tread easy when it comes to Strowman not walking out of the Royal Rumble Universal Champion. After all, he tore Kane and Lesnar apart on January 8th, destroyed a backstage area, and threw a scaffold down; horrifying Paul Heyman, sending Lesnar to the hospital, and delighting fans. Which makes it completely unbelievable that he can’t secure a win in a triple threat match. While it’s predictable to foresee that the end result will be a Lesnar win, via pinning or submission on Kane; laying Strowman out long enough so that he can’t stop Brock from winning or scoring the title himself will have to come from an outside source. More than just Kane and Lesnar teaming up against him. It might have to be a surprise attack from another superstar – a new program challenger – or a fluke incident that leaves him vulnerable and completely unconscious.

The only silver lining to Braun’s Royal Rumble? He may not walk out champion, he may not even walk out 2018 Royal Rumble winner; however, the WWE powers that be mostly will reward the Monster Among Men in other ways. Perhaps breaking a record around Royal Rumble eliminations? Braun deserves to be etched in WWE history in a big way. He’s been one of the best reasons to tune into RAW as of late and he’s the total package: huge and impressive physique; amazing power and strength; unique all-around look; character confidence; and his promos simply work. He’s dominated RAW programming and pay-per-views for a very good reason, he’s simply entertaining to watch, and his character has helped to fill in a much-needed gap on Monday nights and the WWE in general.

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