Live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Brock Lesnar pinned The Undertaker after hitting him with a low blow, and then the F-5, at WWE’s October pay-per-view (PPV) Hell in a Cell (HIAC). In a weird turn of events, The Wyatt Family came out after the match, and attacked The Undertaker, and carried him out of the arena. In other HIAC PPV news, Alberto Del Rio, along with Zeb Colter, made a surprise return to the WWE, and answered John Cena’s Open Challenge; winning the match to become the new U.S. Champion. As well, Seth Rollins retained his WWE World Heavyweight Championship title when he pinned Demon Kane; thus sealing Corporate Kane’s fate of being fired.

Full results of the HIAC PPV, below:

Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro and Neville defeated Rusev, Sheamus and King Barrett – Six Man Tag Team Pre-Show Kickoff Match

The match began with the announce team acknowledging that Comic Wasteland was in the audience, with ‘Stardust Section’ signs, mimicking Cesaro. With high-flying action, both inside and outside the ring (not to mention a little Cesaro Swing), in the end the faces took the win, when Neville pinned Barrett, after laying his Red Arrow signature move on him.

Alberto Del Rio defeated John Cena to become the new United States Champion

After week-long speculation, Zeb Colter came down the ramp (in a motorized scooter) and announced Alberto Del Rio as John Cena’s U.S. Open Challenge opponent. Del Rio got a huge pop from the crowd; and it didn’t take long for the chats of ‘Let’s Go Cena/Cena Sucks’ to start. Right from the beginning, Cena seemed off, with Del Rio really dominating the match-and the LA fans were enjoying every minute of it. Cena appeared to turn the tides, when he went for an AA and Del Rio reversed with a Backstabber. Del Rio then nailed a kick to Cena’s face and then pinned Cena; claiming the U.S. title.

Roman Reigns defeated Bray Wyatt – Hell in a Cell match

The two superstars gave it their all, in a highly physical match, that involved the use of the cell itself, a steel chair, tables, and some kendo sticks. Wyatt used mental tactics within the match, and taunted Reigns while he beat him. In the end, after both men sacrificed their bodies to put on a heck of match: Reigns speared Wyatt into a table; Wyatt laid his Sister Abigail on Reigns; countless use of kendo sticks, tables, and that steel chair. However, it was a Spear from Reigns to Wyatt in the middle of the ring, that helped Roman gain the three count, and the win.

The New Day (Big E and Kofi Kingston) defeated The Dudley Boyz (Devon and Bubba Ray) to retain the WWE Tag Team Championships

In an action-packed match, these two tag teams delivered an incredible performance. Despite not having Xavier Woods in their corner, The New Day didn’t miss a beat, using his trombone to hit Bubba Ray while the referee wasn’t looking, to gain the three count, and retain the WWE tag team titles.

Charlotte defeated Nikki Bella to retain the WWE Divas Championship

While Nikki dominated the match early on, things changed dramatically after a series of signature Flair chops (wooo!), and a neck-breaker on Nikki. After a Spear, Charlotte tried to place the Figure Eight Leg Lock on Bella, and failed, due to a hurt back. As Nikki continued to focus on Charlotte’s injured back, Charlotte was able to quickly, once again place her famous submission on Bella. This time, she was able to lock it well; Bella tapped out, and Charlotte retained the WWE Divas Championship title. Paige and Becky Lynch celebrated the win with Charlotte, post-match.

Seth Rollins defeated Demon Kane to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship – Corporate Kane is fired.

It seemed that nothing could keep the Demon Kane down, despite varied attempts by Rollins, including a back drop into the Spanish announce tables, two super kicks, and a frog splash (paying homage to the late and great Eddie Guerrero); and still Kane kept stirring. Rollins eventually laid his Pedigree on Kane, and gained the win to retain the title. It also meant that Corporate Kane is now fired, due to the stipulation in the match.

Kevin Owens defeated Ryback to retain the Intercontinental Championship

Ryback came into the match quite aggressive, looking to regain his Intercontinental title. Despite his efforts, in the end, it was Kevin Owens’ signature Pop-Up Powerbomb that sealed Ryback’s fate. Owens gained the three count, and retained the IC title.

Brock Lesnar defeated The Undertaker – Hell in a Cell Main Event Match

An intense stare down, mixed with an electric feeling within the live crowd started the match. The bout turned ugly early, with a knock into the ring post, causing Lesnar’s forehead to bleed, soon after the match began. The blood was so bad, that a WWE doctor stepped into the cage to check Lesnar (whether that was a work or not). Lesnar gave the okay, and the match proceeded. Once he got over his bloodied head, Lesnar turned into Suplex City mode, and then delivered a couple of F-5s to The Undertaker as well. Despite the blood bath in the ring, Lesnar brought in one of the ring’s steel steps and hit The Deadman with it; and he was still unable to pin The Phenom. After Lesnar notices a tear in the ring, he proceeded to tear up the ring mat to expose two bare boards. The Undertaker rose up (in typical Undertaker fashion), and Choke Slamed Lesnar right on the bare boards. He then gave him a Tombstone on the boards, in which Lesnar kicked out at two. However, it was a low blow from Lesnar to Taker moments later (reminiscent of the one Taker gave Lesnar at SummerSlam), and then an F-5 on those bare boards, that gave Lesnar the three count, and the win over Taker. In a weird twist, Bray Wyatt and his crew (Strauman, Harper, and Rowan) came out post-match and proceeded to beat up The Undertaker, and carry him out of the ring, and up the ramp.

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