Pun intended in the title. We are about a week or so away from the Hell in a Cell (HIAC) main event match, the grand finale to Brock Lesnar’s Go to Hell tour, and it is sink or swim for both these WWE superstars. A loss is usually not a game-changer for most performers: as long as the match is solid, sometimes both competitors can walk away from a bout feeling good about how they have entertained the crowd. However in this circumstance, this program, with these two men: a loss on either side would might be do or die. Here’s why:

If Taker Rests In Peace

I’ll admit a loss for Taker would not tarnish his incredible career. As the man behind the Wrestlemania streak; his one loss at the flagship event – at the hands of The Beast Incarnate – did not destroy that legacy. Still, a loss would be devastating for his loyal fan base. He’s come back for revenge on Lesnar, and while he somewhat succeeded at SummerSlam; the tap that was heard around the world (well, everyone else heard it, except for the ref), and the low-blow he gave Lesnar for the win took a little bit away from a huge victory party. It seems that the WWE wants The Deadman to turn heel … but will fans allow for that? We are talking about over two decades of history with a character – and Taker not only has a huge following, but he has also earned the respect of fans. No, a loss for Taker wouldn’t bury him, but it would bring back those awful Wrestlemania 30 feelings for many. That feeling of an era gone by, a flawless record broken, a super hero that has fallen. Seriously folks, it’s been a year and a bit, and I am just getting over the fact that the streak is gone. Watching Taker lose again will open the flood gates to those terrible memories. WWE: if the idea is for The Undertaker to lose, please have him tap out – a three-count would just be too reminiscent of Wrestlemania 30.

Breaking The Beast

As terrible as loss for Undertaker would be, and it would be terrible, a loss for Lesnar at this point, would be equally devastating, if not more. Let’s all really think about, 2015 hasn’t been a great year for Lesnar’s persona. For Brock, the person, it started off great: inking a new deal with the WWE, and a little spot on ESPN’s SportsCenter had everyone buzzing about Lesnar. He’s still with the WWE, making a solid living, doing what he loves, yet still has time with his family. Lesnar the persona, lost his prestigious WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania 31; was not granted a re-match the next night on RAW; finally got his re-match in July at Battleground, and lost his chance to once again become champion; he then suffered a huge loss at the hands of The Undertaker at SummerSlam. The Beast Incarnate has lost a bit of his sparkle lately, and while I have never been a huge fan of his; if this continues, what’s the point of even viewing him as Beast anymore? The unstoppable force is clearly stoppable under certain circumstances, and WWE Creative needs to be delicate with how they continue to book Lesnar moving forward. Should he lose, under any circumstances at HIAC, will anyone take him seriously moving forward? Will he still a force to be reckoned with?

I’ll refrain from my predictions on this match, as WrestleNewz will release a story on staff predictions for the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, next week. Until then, what are your thoughts on Brock Lesnar versus The Undertaker at HIAC?

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