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Dear WWE Creative,

There is a certain buzz on the Internet as of late, and while many things are moving within both Monday Night RAW and SmackDown LIVE, one thing at a massive standstill is a title race program for the Universal title, thanks to a part-time champion in Brock Lesnar.

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Therefore, it’s natural for fans to feel a little antsy around this. Rumors have been swirling around who Brock Lesnar will face during his next championship defense, and when said match will take place; with arrows pointing to SummerSlam as the next time the WWE Universe shall see the Beast Incarnate, his Advocate Paul Heyman, and that Universal title. In terms of opponents, rumors have been circulating that Roman Reigns will most likely get another title shot, as The Big Dog clearly has some unfinished business with Lesnar after the controversial win Brock had at the Greatest Royal Rumble; however, with Seth Rollins on an incredible performance streak as of late, and Braun Strowman also doing great things on the Red brand, it’s not hard to see that the tides could change and either one of these three well-deserving superstars, when it comes to getting a chance to not only face Lesnar, but finally snag that championship title from him.

Anyone, But You Roman …

WWE Creative, it’s not that I don’t like Roman Reigns. I’m not going to lie, I actually do like Reigns. I think he’s made tremendous strides over the past few months and I really wish he had won the Universal Championship at Wrestlemania for a multitude of reasons, with the top one being it would be nice to have a full-time champion on RAW for a change, and move title race programs along so that they are evenly spread within a currently overflowing roster with main event talent that deserve to be in the spotlight for a bit. With no Universal Champion at RAW weekly, this almost causes a standstill when it comes to high-level programs and growth within the main event scene, which currently remains stagnant. Therefore, Roman winning at WM 34, or even the Greatest Royal Rumble for that matter, would have moved things along in RAW’s title and main event scene.

But, he didn’t. And fans who love Roman would like nothing more than to see the Big Dog be given one more chance; however, fans who don’t like Roman have a really good case in the concept that it is time for that program to move and give someone else a try. It just feels too much like Roman’s ship has passed.

Monday Night Rollins

I love the idea of Seth Rollins becoming number one contender for that Universal Championship, as The Architect has been on fire as of late. He’s brought his A-game since he hit singles’ competition in February this year and is more than deserving of a shot at that Universal Championship; not to mention the fact that Seth would give Brock a run for his money, much like AJ Styles did at the 2017 Survivor Series. Moreover, Rollins and Brock Lesnar still have unfinished business from 2015 Battleground that has been continually swept under the rug thanks to injuries and a part-time champion in Lesnar; time for both men to face the music.

Just moments before #TheArchitect burns it down! #RAW @wwerollins

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Monster Among Men

These two have already had a match together, along with a triple threat bout, so my thoughts around this program is this: unless the WWE is ready for Lesnar to drop that championship, then I’m against this feud or potential match. Braun Strowman has been built up as unstoppable and has thrown Brock Lesnar around like a rag doll in the past, something the WWE Universe is not used to seeing. Therefore, Braun Strowman should be a superstar to consider when it comes to dethroning Lesnar. He’s got all the elements there to become the driving force of RAW as the Universal Champion, and for Lesnar to pass the torch onto him: Braun’s over with the fans, his in-ring work is highly entertaining and rarely disappoints, he’s got a unique persona that has connected well with the WWE Universe, his mic skills work for his character, and he has the power, aggression, and strength to make a win believable against Brock.

No ladder is safe at #MITB when #BraunStrowman is involved.

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Rounding up the top four list of superstars, other than Roman Reigns, that I’d like to see go up against Brock Lesnar come SummerSlam? Well, Finn Balor is one of them. While there was a time that I thought Balor wouldn’t be a good fit for someone like Brock, his matches on RAW against Braun Strowman won me over. Not only did Balor give Braun a real run for his money, which means he could do the same with Lesnar, I truly believed there were points in both matches where Balor could defeat Strowman. Plus, the matches were a highlight to RAW lately, which has been lagging when it comes to entertainment. Balor could bring that spark when it comes to a match against Brock too.

Lastly, Kevin Owen is another number one contender pick for me. You simply can’t lose with a Kevin Owens versus Brock Lesnar program. A heel versus heel (although Lesnar does flop between face and heel with some programs), the mere thought of promos leading up to the big match (and the banter between KO and Paul Heyman) would be highly entertaining. While Lesnar would clearly win over Owens when it comes to strength, I believe the heel in Owens and his cheating (and sneaky ways) could really get the best of the Beast Incarnate in the end.

I’m truly not sure where you are at when it comes to the Universal Championship, Brock Lesnar, his opponent of choice, and SummerSlam, but the above letter is a little food for thought.

Until next week, WWE Creative,



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