It’s hard to deny the success The New Day have enjoyed this year. Initially when the trio emerged, especially as heels using “Freebird rules”, I expected them to be more like a comedic Demolition than anything. Several months later? I think I might be changing my tune.

I am beginning to wonder of Xavier Woods, Big E and Kofi Kingston can’t emulate another, more recent and very successful trio in WWE. The Shield.

And why not? The initial easy parallel is there-they hold the WWE Tag Team Championships. And recently, they’ve apparently begun to pursue John Cena’s United States Title. Should they claim that title as well, they would be, as a trio, as decorated as The Shield was in their heyday, as Rollins and Reigns held the tag straps and Dean Ambrose the US belt.

So does this trio stack up? Yes and no.

Why yes? Well, just the sheer numbers, for one-both are trios. That was easy. For another, each unit did a flip-flop of roles, though Shield started as heels and emerged as fan favorites. And then we get to the titles, which for now, is advantage Shield.

Why no? Shield was something new, something unprecedented. All three were new commodities, hot young talents inserted into a hot program. Kofi and Big E have been around WWE for a while, and Xavier Woods, while new-ish to WWE, is a veteran all the same. And for the most part, New Day is a group of comic heels. Shield never really played that routine.

Could New Day, given some more time, be as good as Shield? Maybe, but I doubt it. Kofi had his singles run and enjoyed his success. I don’t see him ever going off on his own and doing any better at this point. Big E? I thought he could have broken out after he ceased being Dolph’s bodyguard, but that flamed out. He’s certainly got the size, but he’s running the risk of forever being a mid-carder. Not that that wouldn’t make for a nice career, but I don’t see him becoming a breakout star the likes of any (or really, all) of The Shield.

So, no, I don’t really think New Day could measure up to Shield when it’s all said and done. But if they keep doing what they are doing, they will establish their own legacy within the WWE universe-and that’s perfectly fine too.

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