With Kurt Angle back inside a WWE ring and Stephanie McMahon threatening his job, the WWE Hall of Famer’s spot as RAW General Manager might be nearing an end. Before that happens, here are some names to replace Angle as the RAW General Manager.

Eric Bischoff

When WWE first divided up the rosters about 14 years ago, Eric Bischoff was the first general manger of RAW. Some could argue that Bischoff’s reign was one of the most entertaining. There was certainly shock when Bischoff and Vince McMahon hugged on the ramp. There always controversy around Bischoff, but don’t forgot that type of thinking also creates cash. We’ve had a pair of face general managers on RAW so far, and Bischoff is clearly the heel. 16 years after WCW folded and we’re still mentioning Bischoff, proving he left some kind of impact in the wrestling business.

Hulk Hogan

There remains and will always remain talk of Hulk Hogan returning to WWE. The comments Hogan made were disgusting and that’s not the kind of image WWE wanting representing the company, but never say never in the world of wrestling. We’ve seen Hogan come and go so many times that I wouldn’t be surprised if WWE eventually brings him back. After the mess Hogan created, it might be the only way to transition him back. WWE has spent so much money on Hogan, that they will not want to lose out on the investment. Eventually, time heals all wounds.


Like SmackDowns’ general manager Daniel Bryan, Edge too was forced into retirement. Edge might have gotten a longer career than Bryan, but nobody wants to go out due to doctors orders. I have to think a part of me can see Edge wanting to return in some fashion. RAW is only once a week and that’s not a bad work schedule for the amount of dollars WWE would offer. The man has a wife and family, so he can easily balance everything by only working Mondays. Since Edge will never wrestle again, he at least deserves another run; even if it only involves a microphone.  

Corey Graves

There’s no denying that WWE is high on Corey Gravers and the fans seem to agree. His in-ring career was shortened before even making it to the main roster and Graves was given a small announce job as compensation. Now, he’s arguably the most liked announcer on any of WWE’s shows. Plus, Graves has a small role in Kurt Angle learning his ‘son’ is Jason Jordan. That could have all been a master plan by Graves to take Angle’s spot as general manager. The reasoning behind everything will take some work by creative, but it brings in a new general manager and drops the Jordan-Angle-son program.

Renee Young

WWE is all about fair opportunities for everyone and that should mean a female general manager. We’ve had females run the show before, with only Vickie Guerrero finding any actual success. Renee Young is one of the best at her job and I think she deserves more camera time. I’m not sure how Renee would do as a face general manager as people might simply walk over her, but she could gain an attitude. Stephanie McMahon hires Renee with the idea that she’ll run RAW like “The Billionaire Princess” would have done at the height of her heel run in the 2000s.

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