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Fatal four-way match ups can be an interesting watch. For the superstars in them, the load of carry a bout is taken off their shoulders with additional talents in the mix. For audiences, they can be action-packed; however, I myself do prefer one-on-ones when we are talking about singles’ competition.

I like the dynamics of a fatal four-way in the sense of outcome and uncertainty. What I often find though is that they do tend to become too busy and the story that is told suffers in the end simply because too much is going on.

Which leads me to this Sunday’s tag team title bout at the Clash of Champions (COC) pay-per-view (PPV). While I understand that all four teams are phenomenal and will keep the match fast-paced, entertaining, and filled with a ton of action; I can’t help but think eight men in the ring (technically nine if you count the extra member of New Day) will just be too much.

Chaos and high-flying action can be a good thing. It adds shock value and entertainment. A fatal four-way match can also create an uncertain outcome where a strong tag team like the New Day or the Usos can suffer a loss, but still come out of the bout looking strong if they aren’t pinned. However, when too much is going on in and outside the ring, the story of the match can suffer, and there are so many dynamics here at play. You have the New Day, a highly entertaining faction that have established themselves well within the WWE and its history books. The Usos have re-affirmed their respect within the WWE Universe this year, coming from a place where they were once booed and jeered, to gaining a welcoming reception when they enter that ramp. Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin still a new pairing and while they are faces, they have yet to truly earn their spot in the SD LIVE tag team division; winning tag team titles could change that. Meanwhile Aiden English and Rusev have entered the SmackDown LIVE tag platform as an interesting pairing with an entertaining schtick and need to truly dive into this match to be taken seriously.

At the end of the day, I think the bout will be very busy and potentially get fans geared up for Royal Rumble season with so many bodies in the ring at one time. Unlike an elimination match, all eight competitors could, and just might all be, in the ring and its outside at any given time within the bout; there are no real rules with the fatal four-way concept and DQs are thrown out the window. I do believe that while the Usos and New Day are the front-runners when it comes to winning the match, the fatal four-way stipulation adds that element where Gable/Benjamin or English/Rusev could walk away as tag team champs, and it would come off as believable, because of the chaos.

Will I be entertained, will we all be entertained? Most likely. And at the end of the day, maybe that is what it’s all about.

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