Much like, ‘is John Cena going to turn heel’ articles (not to mention ones about Roman Reigns), as a WWE fan and journalist, I feel compelled to once again dive into an article about the idea that Daniel Bryan – retired from in-ring action as of early 2016 – might be working up to a huge return to the ring.

We all heard (or read) the comments that shook the wrestling world by storm. Last week, on the March 7th edition of Talking Smack, as per the usual, The Miz was bantering back and forth with Bryan about his shortened wrestling career. As per the usual, Bryan once again dropped a hint bomb about an in-ring return, retorting back to the Miz, “We’ll see in a year and a half, we’ll see what happens.”

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Those are big words, but let’s also look at the facts: DB’s contract expires in and around that time. Sure, he’s put on the General Manager’s hat on SmackDown and participated in storylines that way, but if he doesn’t work, he doesn’t work through his contract, and he’s a sitting duck that can’t escape the red tape of the WWE. Injuries of any kind can add years onto an existing superstar’s contract. Might as well play nice, get those contract hours out, finish up the deal to be free for what you want to do.

This just might be Bryan’s idea. In the fall last year, DB claimed that he had been cleared by numerous test to wrestle again, except for one, during his ESPN interview. In addition it has been reported that the Bearded One has also buckled down and done his research; believing that he could wrestle again, using a moves’ set that are low risk.

And on top of that … has anyone checked out his Twitter account lately? Under the presumption that he’s trying to get in shape for baby, one can’t help but wonder if he’s getting in shape for something else.

We all know the issues the WWE is having with concussions, the scrutiny, the lawsuits. We also know the incredible success Daniel Bryan experienced shortly before he was retired by the company because of concussion worries. We also know how badly Daniel Bryan wants to wrestle. We also know any indie promotion, ROH, or Impact (if it still is around by the time Bryan can wrestle again) would be hitting the jackpot if and when DB returns to in-ring action and signs up for a gig. In a lot of ways, considering his star power and brand, he could make more money circling the indies and doing what he loves, rather than being stuck back stage or behind a Talking Smack desk.

I for one, hope he does. There are a lot of things I respect about Daniel Bryan. His passion for this business, his talent, and how humble he is. Perhaps he is playing nice with all of this because he has a wife and baby on the way. But I truly believe he’s just a standup guy. Unlike some who may whine and complain to get out of a contract, I think he’s one that realizes he there’s no fighting it and that he signed a deal and has to follow through with that commitment.

A year and a half seems like a long time, but in the grand scheme of things, it is a mere blink in a lifetime. Anyone who has fought hard to travel a road, less taken sometimes, knowns that patience is a virtue, nothing happens overnight; sometimes waiting it out and preparing for what could come next is the best solution and reaps the highest rewards. Do I hope DB returns to action in 18 months? I’d love to see him back in the ring, if health is not a concern.

WNZ fans … what are your thoughts? Think that a DB return is in the cards?

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