Sure, when anyone thinks of The Undertaker, the PPV event that immediate comes to most minds is WrestleMania. The Streak. Pretty much the only time of year we are lucky enough to see The Phenom anymore.

Not me.

No, for me, the pay-per-view I think of when reminiscing about Mark Callaway’s WWE career is Survivor Series.

Why, you ask? Well, for one, when he debuted, he was dark, ominous, a little out there, and it fit with the season. But, more important, he debuted at Survivor Series. A year after his debut at the November staple, he and Hulk Hogan took part in the first-ever non-Survivor Series match on the card, giving Callaway his first WWF championship.

It was also related to Survivor Series, where Callaway cut a promo that, to this day, still gives me chills.

He’s made several returns at the PPV over the years.

He also used Survivor Series to debut one of his more famous gimmick matches, the casket match.

I get it, The Streak gets the notoriety. And it certainly is justified. Taking nothing away from those matches on the grandest stage of them all, for me, The Undertaker was a fixture at Survivor Series as well.

On the one hand, I really could take issue with him. I am an advocate for the traditional Survivor Series format–all matches being of the four on four, or five on five elimination variety. Not a singles match to be found. Even as that seal was broken, the Survivor Series tag matches still dominated the card. Now? Less than two weeks away from the 2013 version, and there hasn’t been a single Survivor Series elimination match announced. Not one. Not that it’s Callway’s fault. I just see Hogan-‘Taker as the first of many singles matches, on a PPV decicated to….tag matches.

I get it, I think. In theory, I suppose WWE thinks that singles matches, or just regular matches, draw better. Call me a purist, but I disagree. Much like I think pay per views like Hell In A Cell have overstayed there welcome, and that WWE would be better off really picking and choosing where that match gets employed, they would be best off if they kept the Survivor Series event true to its predecessors. If not, I say put the Survivor Series name out to pasture and call it something else.

At the end of the day, while it’s easy to say Survivor Series is missing some things, it’s also missing someone. Undertaker had some memorable moments at the Thanksgiving PPV, and with his career’s end rapidly approaching, it seems sad that he might never again perform on the very card he debuted on so many years ago.

Here’s wishing Mark would get one last Survivor Series match. And here’s wishing WWE would realize that sometimes, fans don’t need run of the mill matches that they can get on any other PPV. Or RAW. Survivor Series deserves better.

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