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Dear WWE Creative,

John Cena issued out the challenge this past edition of Monday Night RAW, and it seems pretty set in stone at this point: John Cena versus The Undertaker for Wrestlemania 34. While at first, I wasn’t too overly thrilled with the idea of The Undertaker returning. After all, it seemed as if he was retired as of last WM. It’s only been one year, the Undertaker typically only use to wrestle once a year, and fans are hashtagging #onemorematch? Still, Cena’s promo did do what every promo should do: sell a match and get the fans invested. Mission accomplished for me; however, if you are going to bring Taker back for Wrestlemania 34, please bring back American Bad A$$ Undertaker!

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Which does seem like that route you are planning to take, as there are many arrows pointing to this. Firstly, it’s hard to ignore that while The Deadman left his hat and attire in the ring after his Roman Reigns match last year, he left signature Phenom clothing, potentially signifying the end of a persona era, not necessarily the entire character.

Should this be The Undertaker’s final match, perhaps resurrecting American Bad A$$, bike and all, would be one final hooray to not only Mark Calaway, his fans, but the The Undertaker as well; one last look to celebrate an era where Taker took a bit of swerve in terms of character.

One also can’t ignore the fact that not only did John Cena call out The Undertaker this past Monday night, but broke kayfabe a bit, by talking about Mark Calaway, the man, with reference to his wife’s Instagram posts and his training. A small note, but a big one to talk about. American Bad A$$ was the closest persona to Mark Calaway, as a person. Calaway rarely does interviews out of character, and unlike most of the superstars out there, the WWE rarely acknowledges Calaway as a person. One other minor clue that we may be seeing Taker ride that bike in come April 8th.

Last, but certainly not least, with Kid Rock being deservedly honored in this year’s WWE Hall of Fame’s celebrity wing, this fan can’t help but think that all arrows are pointing to an American Bad A$$ return. Rock will undoubtedly be at the event, and what better way to honor the Hall of Fame inductee, wow the WWE Universe, and usher Taker’s one more match and final match, than a live rendition of Kid’s American Bad A$$ anthem by Kid Rock himself, as Mark Calaway enters that ring on a motorcycle for one last time. The Taker has always had grand Wrestlemania entrances and this year may take the cake.

Just some thoughts from me, to you, WWE Creative.

Until next week,



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