Dear WWE Creative,

When Absolution and the Riott Squad first debuted in the WWE, things seemed to really pick up in the women’s divisions on both RAW and SmackDown LIVE. Not that either were lacking too much, but it added some fresh new faces and storylines to dive into.

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Both factions were tough, with a no-nonsense attitude; both stables were aggressive and mirrored dominant male groups before them like The Shield, NWO, and Four Horsemen in the way that they attacked innocent and unaware female talents on both brands.

As the weeks went on, the female superstars on both RAW and SmackDown smarted up to their antics. A little too quickly for my likening. When you think about it, Absolution and the Riott Squad attacked both face and heels in each division, positioning an ‘us’ versus ‘them’ mentality. While the women on each respective show clearly outnumbered each trio, in my humble opinion, their awoken awareness around teaming up and attacking these newbies simply happened too soon. And since, it’s been a downward spiral for Absolution and Riott Squad. This week alone we’ve seen each faction lose their matches on RAW and SmackDown and this seems like more of a trend since both groups were attacked by RAW and SmackDown female talent the week of December 11th.

Paige was bound to return from injury, so that is neither here nor there. Perhaps the additional five NXT call ups were brought to help present bodies for the first-ever Women’s Royal Rumble. Maybe they were brought into the main roster as women tag titles are on the horizon; however, overall, the six ladies – two factions – have been booked horribly as of late. Losing their matches, not at all seeming as a threat. When it comes to RAW’s Absolution, one could point out that the weak factor on that team can be attributed to an injured Paige. She’s not participating in matches and as the leader of the crew, Sonya DeVille and Mandy Rose pale in comparison, pardon the pun. All in all, I think Sonya DeVille encompasses all the traits for a successful main roster run: character confidence, great in-ring technique, mic skills are up to par – she just needs to eventually step out of Paige’s shadow. Alternatively, Mandy Rose clearly needs some work with her wrestling and promos.

When it comes to the Riott Squad, three Riott women show great potential around in-ring form, with Ruby Riott leading the pack for promo work. Sara Logan still needs mic work, and Liv Morgan has all the right stuff to excel on the main roster, but requires some more time to refine character confidence.

Were some of the NXT ladies brought up too soon? That’s hard for me to tell. If the idea was to bulk up the main rosters for the Rumble or the introduction of new titles, I say no. Perhaps their storyline will progress into something larger and there is a solid reason why they are losing so many matches as of late … maybe an amalgamation of both faction onto one brand or some inter-brand storylines is the grander picture. Fans will have to wait and see.

Still, if none of these do come into play as we head into the 2018 Royal Rumble and the Road to Wrestlemania, then Absolution and the Riott Squad, plus their potential, has been wasted.





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