Dear WWE Creative,

For all the hype and hoopla around Braun Strowman being built up as a dominant force, it was disappointing to see him lose at WWE Fastlane two weeks ago. What is even more disappointing is the superstar doesn’t seem to have spot on the largest WWE pay-per-view (PPV) of the year, Wrestlemania, as of yet. Reports indicate that the idea behind Roman Reigns’ clean win over Strowman was to set him up for his big WM match against The Undertaker, which is great for Roman, but what about Braun?

Is his push over, before it truly began?

If rumors are true, then Strowman will be lumped in with the lot of other superstars in the Andre The Giant Battle Royal, and is the one to bet on as winner. Sure, this offers him a spot on the card, and potentially a coveted Wrestlemania moment, but is this the beginning of the end when it comes to Strowman being viewed as a main event talent? Some winners of the WM Battle Royal have moved on to experience a bit of a push into the main event scene (I’m looking at you, Baron Corbin); others not so much (*cough, cough* Cesaro (*cough, cough*)

The thing that strikes me the most about Braun, is not only his size, and the incredible shape he’s currently in, but also his in-ring ability and how quickly he can move for a man of his size. While I do think his persona does need some tweaking, his mic work, considering the character he is playing, is solid. Perhaps the only disappointing aspect for me, is the fact that it felt like Strowman hit some really good momentum as of late, and the program between him and Roman was really helping to elevate him.

It’s too late to re-book Fastlane now, but if it were up to me, I would have given Braun the win. One match cannot bury a superstar, but if Strowman had won his match at Fastlane (via a low blow or cheating), it wouldn’t be such letdown for him to enter the Grandest Stage of Them All, with a minor role; Roman could have easily moved on to Taker with his head held high. But his loss + entering a match that lumps all the other superstars who need a spot in Wrestlemania takes a little shine off Braun; even if he does win the match. One can blame part-timers taking on a major role in the big event – and taking up spots for matches – but the fact that Strowman does not (and most likely will not) have a solid program heading to into Wrestlemania is a letdown. Not only for Strowman, but his push post-draft, and his fans.




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