Dear WWE Creative,

On the cusp of the last pay-per-view (PPV) of the year, there are many differing storylines unravelling on the horizon right now. One of the most intriguing as of late has been Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn’s fight against the authority, moreover, Shane McMahon.

Somehow, Daniel Bryan has gotten pulled into the storyline and as such, we will be seeing Mr. Danielson play a role in the tag team match at Clash of Champions that pits KO and Zayn against Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura. And while The Viper and King of Strong Style have their own parts to play in this bout, perhaps the real story is the angst between Owens and Sami when it comes to Shane McMahon, special guest referee.

Enter: Daniel Bryan.

There’s a good reason DB has been added to the mix and I’m sure we’ll learn more come Sunday. Still, it’s clear there is something certainly brewing when it comes to his working relationship with SD LIVE Commissioner, Shane. The two have gotten along swimmingly in the past, since the brand extension and SmackDown going live. However, once Survivor Series season hit and Shane pulled out his #UnderSiege on the RAW roster without notifying his General Manager, things have gotten awkward between the two. They certainly have not been on the same page with things and add in the fact that Shane has become relentless when it comes to extracting revenge on KO and Sami for what they did to him at Hell in a Cell and their cohesive unit seems to be crumbling on SmackDown.

Something is going to go down between these two at the Clash and the story is evolving nicely in this regard. While DB has been challenging Shane’s authority and questioning his motives, hence adding himself as another special guest referee in the tag match, it is likely that someone is going to turn on someone on Sunday … and that someone may be Daniel Bryan. It might be a tricky thing to accomplish as Daniel Bryan is a face and so beloved – and Shane overall has been showing more heelish tendencies than Bryan.

Still, plot twists are what makes the WWE world go around. It would make sense for Daniel Bryan to turn on Shane come Sunday, help team heel with the win to keep their jobs, and extract his revenge on the McMahons. After all, it was in 2014 that The Authority made DB’s life a living he!! and a lot of what Shane is doing to Owens and Zayn resembles the way Bryan was treated by Stephanie and HHH. It’s a McMahon trait to use their authority and power over talent to get their way and even though Zayn and Owens are heels, and Shane is a face, DB staying true to his character is still going to stand up for the little guy. It’s what he does, and it does make sense.

But, what does a DB versus Shane McMahon program look like when only one of these two can actually wrestle right now in a squared circle? Is the program only organized for Bryan to leave his role on SmackDown soon; which doesn’t fully make sense either as DB is clearly not up for taking time off as fulfilling his contractual obligations, so he can finish up his WWE contract (which is reportedly set to expire in September 2018) seems on top of mind.

Regardless, the story set to unravel this Sunday should be interesting, as many fans may be more tuned into what is going on with the referees (for a change), versus the talent themselves.

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