Dear WWE Creative,

There has been a ton of hype around the House of Horrors match that is set to take place at WWE’s next pay-per-view (PPV), Payback. Lots of buildup, but not a lot of information on what the match will look like and encompass.

I’m excited about it all, but at the same time skeptical. The promos that Bray Wyatt has been delivering to build up this match have been phenomenal; but Bray has a certain way about selling a match. The delivery, when all is said and done, is another thing.

So, rumors, as they always do, begin to fly. People begin to speculate, and sometimes the wondering becomes greater than the reality.

On a recent episode of the Edge and Christian Pod of Awesomeness, the two revealed that Michael Hayes had developed a House of Horror match eons ago that pitted The Hardys versus The Brood, while enjoying a meal at Outback. As the two relayed, it would be a bout that took place in a funhouse, two-way mirrors and all, with differing rooms to battle through.

I must admit, this concept sounds fantastic, and while the idea may have sat and brewed (pardon the pun) over the years, if done correctly, especially when it comes to not only the concept, props, booking of the match, and production around special effects; well then, it should be something wrestling fans will talk about for years to come.

However, if done incorrectly, or borderline cheesy; well, for all the hype currently placed around it, it very well could be an epic fail. Rather, something that is mocked for years to come.

Still, that is the chance you take when it comes to sports entertainment; some gimmick matches win with flying colors, others fall to the ground and will eventually hit the WWE Network’s ‘Countdown’ show when it comes to ‘Failed Gimmick Matches’.

But, I have a feeling something big is in store for fans come Payback. Call me an optimist, but if the WWE is planning anything remotely to what Hayes had in mind during that fateful night at Outback … well, you don’t just ‘sit’ on a big idea for years without reason: you wait for the perfect opportunity to unveil it.

What will happen? One thing may be for sure, the match is bigger than the WWE title, as it does not appear to be ‘on the line’ at Payback. Having said that, with no championship to fight for, just personal vengeance, here’s hoping that the match lives up to the expectations that have been brought forth.



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