Dear WWE Creative

It’s not hard to see after the July 10th edition of Monday Night RAW, that Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins have switched away from the frenemy zone and have rekindled a friendship. There seems to be a storyline brewing of some sorts between them, The Miz, and his newly formed faction, the Miztourage. This is great on so many different levels. A program with Rollins/Ambrose and this stable will only further enhance the spotlight on two superstars that do need some elevation, that is in Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas.

These former Shield mates, potentially launching into RAW’s ever-thinning tag team division, makes complete sense. With Enzo and Cass no longer a ‘thing’ and R-Truth a duo of the past, RAW needs some tag team action, and there needs to be some competition out there for the brand.

Do I think Rollins and Ambrose will become a bonefide tag team? Anything is possible. I do think Rollins will provide the assist for his Lunatic friend when it comes to battle against Miz and his cronies. Could Seth and Dean continue to branch off together as a tag team once this program is over and embark on other feuds? I don’t see why not. Both are former WWE champions, well over with the crowd, and main eventers in a current scene that is well-occupied by other superstars that do need this push right. Rollins and Ambrose don’t, so why not place them as an alliance to keep the WWE audience entertained, keep them occupied with an interesting storyline, without necessarily placing them in the main event or title-race picture. I certainly do not believe that Ambrose and Rollins will necessarily be remembered for this run, but I do think it will be a fun watch and I think this program will be both entertaining and provide action.

In the past, main event talents have teamed up when it came to feuds and have even went on to experience tag team gold. I’m thinking Triple H and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Kane and Daniel Bryan, as well as the pairing of Edge and Randy Orton at one point. Still, is this something that could happen for Rollins and Ambrose, or is this just a one-time program deal? I suppose anything is possible at this point.

Or, do you, WWE Creative, take this one step further and offer fans what they have wanted for a while: a much-anticipated Shield reunion? You could ditch the idea of Roman Reigns versus Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam and potentially re-team these three guys up for an epic match against the Miztourage. I mean, one can’t ignore the numbers: we have three against two right now and evening up the score would be ideal.

Perhaps that has always been the idea …

Regardless WWE Creative, I plan to enjoy watching Rollins and Ambrose team up again, bonefide Shield reunion or not; I’m excited to see where all this will end up.




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