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Dear WWE Creative,

It’s been about a year and a half since SmackDown went from a taped show to a LIVE broadcast, thanks to the brand extension. While the move initially was an exciting one, where SD LIVE shifted away from a B-show perception into the land of opportunity; lately the show feels extremely underwhelming. And here are my thoughts as to why this has come to be:

Opener: If I hear, Here Comes the Money one more time when SD LIVE opens, I think I’m going to be bald from pulling my hair out. I do like Shane McMahon, but he’s no longer become a novelty on the show and his promos feel like the same old/same old. It’s that same feeling I had when The Authority would consistently open up Monday Night RAW a few years back. There needs to be a shake up when it comes to openers so that each show feels unique. The opening of SD LIVE sets its tone. Remember that.

Talent: Speaking of superstar shake ups, both RAW and SmackDown have tremendous talents, but it does seem like RAW is a little more stacked when it comes to main eventers and I don’t feel like this has anything to do with the idea that it’s three hours long. John Cena started off on SD LIVE and ended up as a free agent showing up on RAW. Yes, SD LIVE has the New Day; however more often than not, they only fight as two, not really three, meaning, I still only view them as a tag team and not a faction like The Shield (who also happen to be a stable made up of three major stars and former WWE World Heavyweight Champions). I also thinking handing the WWE World Heavyweight Championship to a jobber in Jinder Mahal, where his transformation into the main event and title picture came too quick, was also strike against the brand. I do think the main event scene within both rosters need to be shaken up a bit as it feels like the same old programs on SD LIVE. It also feels like some main event talents are being used to their full potential: I’m looking at Shinsuke Nakamura and Randy Orton in particular.

Women’s Division: A clear-cut case of why the perception is that SD LIVE is WWE’s B show is the Absolution/Riott Squad debuts … and this has been a small beef of mine (very minor, because both groups have rocked it since they shocked WWE audiences the week of November 20th). Both debuted on their respective brands in a similar fashion; both groups had similar second-week matches and appearances which were incredible. While the names are different, all six women could very well be part of a larger group, a bigger picture, where an inter-brand storyline could develop. Here’s my thing though, regardless of whether or not that is the case, why would a strong and established star like Paige end up on RAW, with that faction, versus SD LIVE with their NXT callups? Just saying … #CauseItsTheBShowThatsWhy

Maybe SmackDown LIVE is meant to be perceived as a B show, which is fine. Still, with some minor changes, creatively speaking, the potential is there to switch it up on playing ground with RAW. SmackDown LIVE was once there at some point in time last year … it can get there again.




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