What a week it has been in the WWE! This past weekend the WWE Universe witnessed legends get acknowledged, up-and-coming superstars wow audiences, and WWE talents create Wrestlemania moments. In a lot of ways, it was a weekend that brought everything to full circle: certainly chiming your Network slogan of ‘Then.Now.Forever’. Alas, Wrestlemania season is sadly over, but if the Monday Night RAW and SmackDown LIVE post-Mania offer any indication, the excitement around WWE talent and storylines is just beginning.

Let’s get right down to it: Vince McMahon shocked audiences on the April 4th edition of Monday Night RAW, announcing Kurt Angle as the brand’s new General Manager and that next week we would have a superstar shakedown. Meaning? The rosters are going to get a little mixed up and things are going to get interesting.

Let’s just say, I’ve read the reports: AJ is apparently heading to RAW; New Day are on their way to SmackDown LIVE; and RAW’s Charlotte is getting traded for SD LIVE’s Alexa Bliss. These ideas seem pretty solid. I’m iffy around the idea of Styles getting lost in the main event mix on RAW, but do feel like SD LIVE’s tag team division could use the boost that The New Day will bring. As it relates to Bliss and Charlotte: I’m indifferent. I’m not opposed to these women being trading to either side, but I am curious around what the future plans might be for both ladies.

Still, there are a slew of other talent on both rosters and here are my thoughts on how I personally would love to see things ‘go down’:

Dolph Ziggler: I love Ziggler; his persona, in-ring technique, and how he ‘brings it’ weekly. Despite Ziggler’s incredible feud with The Miz late last year, his character has had a rough go on SmackDown LIVE in general. Heel or face, he needs a fresh start with this brand extension and a move to RAW just may do that for him.

Sami Zayn: Zayn has done incredible things on RAW, but with Styles moving to the brand (reportedly), this may create even less room for him to shine as a main eventer or be in a high-level title race. I believe Sami can do this, he has a ton of talent, experience, knowns his character well, and needs a new place to shine. I believe that place could be SmackDown LIVE.

Mickie James: She just returned and despite the fact that Bliss is heading over to RAW (reportedly) if this is true, that means it’ll be an equal shuffling with Charlotte heading to SD LIVE. James has done some cool things on SmackDown, but I feel she could do some big things on RAW too. Plus, it feels like the women’s division on SD LIVE is heavily loaded as it is and RAW is a four-woman show. James has the tenure to easily transition and help further develop some of these ladies, and also has the legacy of her past to hold her own; whether she leaves programs looking strong or as an opportunity to help another talent over. With Paige and Summer Rae out of the picture right now, potentially for the next few months, RAW needs to bulk up their women’s division.

Luke Harper: I feel as if the only thing standing in the way of Harper reaching the next level is laying in the shadows of the Wyatt Family. If the idea is to remove him from this faction completely (I can’t shake the feeling he may flop back, shock Orton and the crowed, and return to Wyatt clan), then he too needs a new beginning, away from Bray and Rowan, on another brand to shine on his own. His size, agility, and mic work are incredible. Given the right storyline, he could do very well.

Kevin Owens: Now, this might be a tad tricky since he is holding that United States Championship, and all the titles are equally tied (in a nice bow) right now between both brands. Owens did well as Universal Champion and if he wants to continue to build on his WWE legacy, well, there’s a WWE Championship reign he could add to his resume. This idea is purely for shakeup reasons and shock value. Still, Owens has gone through a considerable list of main eventers while holding the UT: Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Goldberg, plus Chris Jericho as of late. A whole new crop of WWE superstars awaits on SmackDown. I’m thinking Baron Corbin, Randy Orton, maybe even a heel versus heel program with The Miz. The opportunities are endless.

This is my two cents. Good luck with everything come Monday night. I simply cannot wait to see how the WWE landscape will be changed.



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