Dear WWE Creative,

There is something truly unique going on with the WWE Universe and Becky Lynch since SummerSlam. It gives me goosebumps to write this article; reminds me of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s rise in popularity, and Daniel Bryan’s connection with the WWE Universe and his Yes! Movement, circa the summer of 2013. In this day and age, with a superstar that is aimed to fit every demographic, it truly is a beautiful thing when an entire arena can get behind one talent.

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Which is what Lynch is experiencing right now. She tried to turn heel, post-SummerSlam; however, the fans were too invested in this female talent. Not only her, but her story that saw Lynch continually play second fiddle, and more recently finally step away from the shadows of her other Horsewomen colleagues, moreover Charlotte, to take her place in the spotlight. Becky Lynch as tweener has been fantastic, with many relating to her as the female Steve Austin. Moreover, what fascinates me is that she is one of the first female superstar that has the entire crowd passionately rooting for her.

Sure, Ronda Rousey gets explosive chants and a huge pop when she enters an arena, but let’s face it, Rousey is a different beast; she didn’t come from wrestling roots, was an established athletic icon when she entered the WWE, and is truly a marquee superstar that can stand in the likes of Brock Lesnar, The Rock, and say, John Cena – thanks to her previous career endeavors in the UFC and Hollywood.

Becky, on the other hand, has always been a top superstar and fan favorite, but was the type of talent that seemed to be forever the bridesmaid, and never really the bride. She fought hard for the Women’s Revolution, but was never really given the first-ever milestones as her colleagues Sasha Banks, Charlotte, or even Alexa Bliss. Sure, she was the first SmackDown Women’s Champion, but her reign lacked luster. She never even made it to NXT Women’s Champ before hitting the main roster.

Still, she started from the bottom, now she’s here.

It’s Becky Lynch’s time to shine and do something that many female talents have tried before, but never accomplished. She’s an established superstar that had years of good, only now to become great. Whether WWE officials had this in mind or not, she’s got a following and reaction from the WWE Universe that gives me chills to write about, and goosebumps when I watch.

Now, come Hell in a Cell (HIAC) this Sunday, I’m sure this could swing two ways. Either Lynch becomes champion and solidifies her place as top female superstar on the Blue brand and continues this “Stone Cold” no-nonsense attitude while on the top, or, we see a heel turn from Charlotte (where she retains) and this incredible feud continues. I believe we could see a heel turn, have this feud continue, but still see Becks crowned as champ to ring in a new era in female wrestling. Maybe this new persona could have her eventually main event Wrestlemania, along with Ronda Rousey.

At the end of the day, any scenario could unfold; and I’d be happy with it as long as the end result means Becky Lynch as SmackDown LIVE champion.

She’s worked hard for it, she’s proven she can do it, the lady has earned it; moreover, the fans behind her want to see it.


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