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Dear WWE Creative,

Mere days away from the Money in the Bank pay-per-view (PPV) and once again the women are predominantly showing representation with not one, but three matches within the event; not to mention the highly-anticipated second (technically third) women’s Money in the Bank match. There are female veterans in the bout (Becky Lynch, Natalya, Naomi), a main roster rookie (Ember Moon), a Goddess, a Queen, The Boss, and a wild card in Lana.

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It’s chalking up to be an interesting match. One that I even have a hard time nailing down when it comes to a winner, as each woman has a viable reason to hold that briefcase, and a compelling story as to why they should be the next Miss Money in the Bank:

Charlotte Flair: Charlotte has literally done it all within the WWE during her career. She’s the only female superstar to hold all three roster championships in the NXT, RAW and SmackDown LIVE Women’s titles; even recently breaking Asuka’s undefeated streak at Wrestlemania 34. Adding a Money in the Bank win to her WWE resume wouldn’t shock anyone. Still, Charlotte has had a tremendous run that has been linked to tremendous trailblazing opportunities when it comes to the women’s division, so maybe it is time to give others a shot at greatness too.

Becky Lynch: Becky has accomplished a lot within the WWE main roster, and is an incredible female talent; however, there are times that many fans feel she takes the backburner on some storylines and opportunities to help elevate others. It’s time to place Lynch back at the forefront where she belongs with a Women’s Money in the Bank win.

Natalya: Not going to lie, WWE Creative, she is my pick. Natalya is one of the best in-ring performers (male or female) and she knows this business, and that squared circle, like the back of her hand. I always like her as a face, but the unique thing about Nattie is before her jump to RAW, she was playing an incredible heel over at SD LIVE. I love this BFF program she has with Ronda Rousey, but what if Nattie won the Women’s Money in the Bank match and Rousey won the RAW Women’s Championship on Sunday? All friendship bets would be off, and an incredible program between these two could launch.

Ember Moon: Moon has made quite a splash on main roster programing recently. While she’s up against some experienced women, it wouldn’t surprise me if she walked out of the PPV winning the Women’s Money in the Bank match. I do believe it seems like a huge accolade for someone just stepping into the big leagues; however, Moon does have a year to cash-in, and she may have the gumption to pull it off.

Naomi: Naomi has incredible athleticism, and is a talent that has a huge fan base behind her. She had a tremendous push during the lead up to Wrestlemania 33 and had an ample SD LIVE Women’s Championship reign post-WM. Maybe it’s time to consider giving her yet another push into the title race picture with a Women’s Money in the Bank win.

Lana: I consider Lana a wildcard. She clearly doesn’t have the in-ring skills that the other women within the match have, but she is clearly improving. Moreover, Lana does have a huge fan base that enjoys seeing her on T.V. and of course, who could ignore those Lana/Rusev Day chants? Could she pull off a Women’s Money in the Bank match win? It’s hard for me to imagine that; however, a Lana win would surely add some shock value to the bout (Lana is the best *clap, clap* Lana number one … had to place that here).

Alexa Bliss: Is the Goddess deserving of a Women’s Money in the Bank match win? Absolutely! Do I see her winning the briefcase? No. And not because she’s isn’t worthy of it: she’s amazing both in the ring and on the mic. The only reason I don’t see her winning is because of the solid push she’s recently had, and being on top of both divisions for the past two years: SD LIVE Women’s Champion in 20016 only to jump to RAW in 2017 and dominate that division as well. I wouldn’t be shocked if she won the Miss Money in the Bank title, but I think it’s time to spread the opportunities within the women’s division a bit.

Sasha Banks: Speaking of, while Sasha Banks was given plenty of opportunities in the past, it’s been a while since we’ve seen The Boss in the title race picture and a Women’s Money in the Bank match win could change that all up for Banks. She certainly does deserve to be back in the spotlight and many fans would love to see her win this match, so she can eventually cash in the contract, win a Women’s title and enjoy a solid reign. Not successfully defending her championship is the asterisk next to her character’s name and while she is four-time RAW Women’s Champion, she has always dropped the title during a rematch. A Money in the Bank win could change all that for Sasha: it’s not only an opportunity for her add another accolade to her WWE resume, get placed back into that title race spotlight, and become women’s champion; but also, a chance to become the fighting champion this character deserves to be.

At the end of the day, the Women’s Money in the Bank match winner is up to you, and you do have a huge decision in front of you, choosing between the incredibly talented women above. Good luck with that.

Regardless of who ends up winning, the Women’s Money in the Bank match is sure to be one of the bouts that steals the show on Sunday.




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