As you may have seen by now, video from a fan attending the January 5th NXT tapings at Full Sail revealed something that had been long rumored-the return of Chris Hero, known better by NXT fans as Kassius Ohno. He came out during a segment featuring current NXT champion Shinsuke Nakamura. He came out, touched the belt and left, saying nothing.

So, what does it all mean, or what do I make of it?

What it means is that the competition in the men’s division just got a whole lot more challenging. And, once again, the NXT roster outshines the TNA one (sorry, I just felt like I needed to take a dig at TNA there).

Much like Asuka did when Bayley was women’s champion, she said nothing, touched Bayley’s belt and exited. Wasn’t long after that, that Asuka became the champion. Will the same hold true for Ohno? Quite possible.

I think the biggest question this raises for me is this: right now, we are several weeks away from TakeOver: San Antonio, which is headlined by Bobby Roode challenging for Nakamura’s belt. Now, we know they tape a bunch at Full Sail, and it does not always air right away. So, sometimes things happen at a taping that we don’t see on TV right away. So, a lot depends on when they air things.

If they air this before TakeOver, I question the timing a bit-what does it say about Bobby Roode, if Ohno is laying down his own silent challenge before the match ever happens?  But, all the same, this could possibly air after the San Antonio show, indicating that Roode is possibly heading into the Rumble, and Ohno will be next to challenge Shinsuke.

Now, I honestly figure we will see this before San Antonio, especially since news about it is all over, and even official WWE twitter accounts discussed it. But then, why now? It’s questionable considering Roode is the #1 contender. And, I also think it’s worth watching because, while I understand Ohno has a past in NXT, he’s been gone for three years. And while he’s been a top stars, bringing him back and inserting him into the title hunt? That can’t sit well for a guy like Tye Dillinger, or even some other top talent (Eric Young, No Way Jose, Andrade Almas et al).

All that said, this one bears watching. No matter how you slice it, the NXT title picture just got a whole lot more crowded. And for us fans? That’s a good thing!

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